I don’t remember a side collection page! I remember asking for one. :wink:
Since I took a break from Pokemon I took everyone’s advice to finish dbz. Happy to report it’s very, very close. It would be complete if, I didn’t collect the prototypes and sealed (limited) boxes. Not to mention all the Panini boxes I’ve bought. Lol

Dbz Score Ultra Rares so far.

Goku’s Truce Limited
Goku’s Plan Limited
Frieza, the Master Unlimited
Frieza, the Master Limited
Trunks Guardian Drill Limited
Hero Down Unlimited
Villian’s True Power Limited
King Cold, the All Powerful Limited
Goku, the Unbeatable Limited
Goku, the All Powerful Limited
Vegeta, the Revitalized Limited
Trunks, the Battler Limited
GKI Promo UR18 Piccolo
Goku’s Binding Strike Limited
Pikkon Unlimited
Majin Vegeta Half Holo Limited
Majin Vegeta Full Holo Unlimited
Majin Vegeta Level 5 Limited
Majin Vegeta lvl 5 Signed by IQ Limited
Eternal Dragon Quest Limited
Majin Buu Level 5 Unlimited
Gotenks Level 3 Unlimited
Vegeto Half Foil Limited
Vegeto Full Foil Limited
Goku Level 5 Flat Foil Unlimited
Goku Level 6 Flat Foil Unlimited
Android 17 Alternate Foil Unlimited
Android 17 Flat Foil Limited
Omega Shenron Flat Foi Unlimited

Sealed booster boxes

Believe it or not, 1,000 foils. The actual collection is around 2,000 foils. These are some of my duplicates.

Some of the prototypes. I have to buy stands. This is why they are not standing.


Damn son, those are some nice looking cards. Idon’t suppose you have LES Trunks or Pan :grin:

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I’m not familiar with the term LES. That wouldn’t be lost episode pan and trunks?

Yeah, sorry, LES is lost episode saga haha

I know those Ultras are really expensive, and quite honestly, they will probably be the 4 cards keeping me from completing my collection. I think I only need 3 other Ultras and a few rares and HI tech cards (clear ones). I never got into the DBZ cards, though. Funny thing is, I love DBZ but don’t care for GT, but I am the opposite with the cards haha I also started collecting with GT, so I’m probably biased that way.

The lost episode ultra rares are over priced. I could have bought the alt. Pan limited for 100. Didn’t do it because, I don’t want another mass of cards. Dbz has 1 foil version of each card. The GT has alternate and Flat foils, if you have ocd. So, if I bought the alt. foil I would need a flat foil also.

It’s a pain to complete the sets in foil if, you are. Some common foils are worth $30 just for low production of certain cards. If this doesn’t make sense look up my YouTube (same name as here). The videos will clear up any confusion someone may have.

Cool dbz cards, I like seeing more of peoples side collections also.

There is a thread for side collections I think, but it is sort of lost on here :S

I collected a few of the older dbz carddass Bandai prism releases, and know how these can fetch some hefty prices.

How much would you say you invested into the lot you posted?

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Oh man, I have a bunch of these somewhere in my mother’s basement that I got years ago as a kid at some yard sale. Are they worth anything?

I’ll have to see if I can find them next time I visit my mother. :stuck_out_tongue:

The value all depends on what cards. You can send me pics in a message and I can give you an idea. The cards that carry the most value would be ultra rares and certain promos. I doubt you would have the limited production world tournament cards. Certain cards could become more valuable. Panini has a 10 year plan with dbz cards. From what I can tell, each set will have selected cards from the old dbz card game. Potentially, making some average cards more appealing.

Well… it would probably buy a mule. Does this figure help?

Haha, I’ll let you know if my search receives results. I plan on going there this weekend so if I remember to search them out, I’ll provide some pictures.

it’s good to have an expert DBZer like CCG here:)




I *think* most of these are from the Saiyan Saga set. I am also assuming the little icon on the bottom right either being silver or normally coloured means something. The Raditz in the 3rd picture has no set number so I am guessing a Promo of some sort?

I also have a stack of numbered cards which I can only assume are C/UC/Non-Holo Rares.

Condition wise, a few may be Mint on closer inspection but I’d say most are between Near Mint and a rank down from Near Mint.

You would be correct. The Raditz is a tournament participation or event card (comic con). That Raditz came out with the error Goku promo.

The Saiyan foils are not worth much at this point of time. They mass produced that set so, they are fairly common.

I still buy dbz cards. Feel free to ask appraisal questions or selling inquiries.

Very nice cards dbz cards

anyone collect the DBZ tazos that came in packets of chips? they have some value these days, fluros go for $10 and golds in good condition can fetch from $30-$50 depending on the character and a few other things.

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I foolishly sold all mine for about 3-4$ (fluros) a piece to move them all at once, error

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yeah, i’ve seen plenty of auctions end really low on bulk tazos, but singular tazos go for a high amount, you could probably wait for a bulk auction to come around and snap it up cheap, then piece the tazos out for a profit lol

yeah the tazos were so cool to collect.

i almost bought the complete set in gold for $250 5 years ago, this was mint condition in glass framing.

now it would be worth around $2,000 :slightly_frowning_face: is there a way to locate really old ebay listings i want to find it.

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4 years ago i got 50 golds for $300, pretty good investment, there are actually two different types of gold dbz tazos, you have the normal golds, then you have a different shade of gold, it has a more vibrant colour, these ones can go for $50 each, theyre much more rare than the normal golds. i sold 6 of these vibrant golds for $300 not too long ago

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jesus christ… what were the pull rates? i know i pulled a lot of fluros but only ever 1 gold…

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