Milhouse DBZ/GT Wants!

I have taken the plunge and am now going to be collecting some DBZ/GT Cards. Mostly Ultra Rares, and/or Booster Boxes!
I am willing to Buy these, and I am also willing to trade Pokemon cards for them!
I am interested in Booster Boxes of the following sets (Limited and Unlimited):


Fusion Saga - 120 US for Unlimited, 160 US for Limited


Baby Saga - 40 US for Unlimited, 70 US for Limited
Shadow Dragon Saga - 20 US for Unlimited, 60 US for Limited

I am also interested in the following UR Singles (Limited and Unlimited, Alt and Flat Foil). Cards are ideally in Mint condition, but will consider NM/M too.

DBZ Ultra Rares:

Super Saiyan Goku - Frieza

Goku, the Unbeatable - Trunks
King Cold, the All Powerful - Trunks

Vegeta, The Revitalized - Cell
Goku, the All Powerful - Cell

Goku, the Galaxy’s Hero - World Games
Pikkon, the Prized Fighter - World Games

Majin Vegeta, the Malevolent - Babidi
Majin Vegeta - Babidi

Goku, Super Saiyan 3 - Buu

Vegito, Super Saiyan - Fusion
Gotenks, Super Saiyan 3 - Fusion

DBGT Ultra Rares:

Baby Vegeta, Golden Oozaru - Baby
Goku, Super Saiyan 4 - Baby

Goku, the Invincible SS4 - Shadow Dragon
Omega Shenron, Unstoppable - Shadow Dragon

Trunks, Super Saiyan - Lost Episodes

Please drop me a PM and we can discuss price!


I have a Goku LV6 alt foil UL NM I could possibly part with. I’m interested in older sealed Pokemon packs/decks if you have any.

Also, do you collect Panini’s new game?

Just purchased myself an SS Goku UL so I am waiting on that to come to see condition before I look at others of that card.

I’ll have a look through and PM you tomorrow to see what I got.

I don’t have any interest in the new Panini game right now, I am getting into DBZ collecting now purely for the collecting side of it and I’ll go after cards that I think are cool. None of the Panini cards grab my attention yet.

I love the GT cards despite the series being mostly trash. I have a near complete collection. It looks like you don’t request the other UR’s from the LES, does that mean you own them?

No I just don’t really like them to be honest, the only UR I have right now from any set is Super Android 17, The Indestructible from Super Android 17 Saga.

If there was a great opportunity to get any UR for a reasonable price and Mint then I’d definitely go for it, but I am trying not to just spend hap hazardly on DBZ/GT is all so I focus on the ones I really like.

Oh, okay! I was going to be impressed if you had the other three. Those things are pretty expensive.

Do you have any information about Lost Episiodes Saga? I am guessing it was either Short Printed or just so into obscurity by the time it printed that nobody wanted it.

The Trunks seems to be the most expensive card in the hobby.

I believe it was short printed, but I don’t know much about it. Trunks is definitely the most expensive GT card, around 500 on eBay. I really don’t know prices for Z cards though. The UR cards were such a pain to find because there was 1 per case, I believe.

1 per case seems so over the top in terms of rarity, I haven’t opened a Z set myself but I will be buying 1 or 2 Booster Boxes of World Games soon. I have 2 GT Booster Boxes on the way so I will report back on pull rates for those.

I just picked up a Super Saiyan 3 Goku Limited UR, nice to get one of the most expensive out the way.

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Yeah, I could be wrong, but they are incredibly hard to pull. Nice getting Goku! DBZ is life :heart_eyes:

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Updated my booster box wants list with a smaller booster box list and prices for them.