DBZ Expert

I recently found my dragon ball z box which contains 8 binders with complete and incomplete sets and promos.
They are all from day one through 2002/3.

I don’t recall the set names. There are premium packs in Japanese too.

Are there any dbz experts on here who can help me figure out what I have?

I can try. I am a big DBZ and have had a ton of various types of cards. Except that I don’t have any of the brand new stuff, that is sold in US & Japanese stores now.

Can I get your email addy?

What is this? A place where you DON’T show collections with pictures? Give us the good stuff! Nice find by the way.


Gary, if you post here or email me pics of the Japanese premium packs, I can probably help with those.

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They say Premium Pack 4 Glenn. Does that help?

It would be better if I could see the Japanese writing on the packs.

Here it is Glenn.

^ it’s yugioh… Lol it even says it on the booster pack…


Yu Gi Oh
Official Card Game
Dueling Monsters
Premium Pack 4
Copyright Information

That’s what the front says.

Lol…you’re right.
It was in one of my 8 DBZ binders so I assumed it was dbz without even reading it.

Don’t get old guys;)


Gary — it’s too late. You and I are both ancient :blush:

No worries — I got a chuckle when I saw the picture. :grin:

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That makes me “just” old. :blush:

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Japanime should have just went with it (;


How old are you Omaha?



You ARE an old man then for sure omaha;)
I’m older though:(


I’m 31 don’t make me feel old!

Thos Yugi-oh premium packs set 4 have some pretty amazing “1st generation” yugi holos. Dark Magician girl, dark magician, etc. You can find a complete set list here.

Each pack contains the same 6 cards.
Dark Magician Girl ブラック ・ マジシャン ・ ガール Ultra Rare
P4-02 Dark Magician ブラック・マジシャン Ultra Rare
P4-03 Thousand Knives 千本サウザンドナイフ Ultra Rare
P4-04 Dark Magic Curtain 黒くろ魔ま術じゅつのカーテン Ultra Rare
P4-05 Mystic Box 死しのマジック・ボックス Ultra Rare
P4-06 Magic Cylinder

copied and pasted the above from wiki

The packs average about $10-15 each.

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Gary, you’re always good for a chuckle. :blush:

I still harbor a love of Yugioh. It was the only card game that I played seriously before a ten year hiatus and then I picked up MTG.

Yugioh is getting hot as a collectible. I had a customer over tonight and helped him pregrade nearly 800 for a submission. All 1st Ed SDK and SDY starter cards. I’m even sending in some;) One of my favorite ebay items is my uncut YUGIOH LOB 1st Ed ultra rare sheet. I wish I had hoarded yugioh years ago like I did pokemon:(

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