PWCC Question

I am aware of their current fees and chart, but I wanted to know if anyone here has any advise or experience (good or bad) on using PWCC to sell some PSA pokemon cards? Danke ja!

I’ve had great experiences with them. I have sent cards into 5 different auctions throughout 2018-2020. I would not recommend sending in really cheap cards (value under $50) because the fees can really just crush you. They give good visibility by being pwcc and I have auction payouts sent via check to save money on ach/paypal fees. I’ve had a few very good auctions and a few not so good, but that’s part of the game

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@pokecollectoramy, thanks for sharing your experience! Have you received 1099K from PWCC in the last 2 years?

What’s the logic here? PSA is also a defendant, should we stop buying PSA cards?

I’ve brought this up before but PWCC is great when I am lazy as hell. Unless you have high end Pokemon cards, most likely, you will get gouged on your wanted selling price. They throw up cards and normally with multiple sellers selling the same card as you which sometimes one card gets the premium and the rest get the shaft. The company itself is great and they have great customer service, but if they are lower end cards, I wouldn’t recommend them (unless your lazy like me sometimes or you have a mass amount of cards you want to get rid of).

To make those aware of PWCC, I’m sure not a lot of people know what’s going on behind the scenes

Pwcc is cutting edge and they provide a necessary service for collectibles. Countless people on this forum alone have bought and sold with them. Even the most cynical perspective pales in comparison to the net positive they bring to collectibles.


I get that since it is auction you run a risk, I’m fine with that. I can also tell you that when three of the same card are for sale, the price variance has not been significant, i know because I bid on them . I have bought from them and no complaints. Does anyone know if a 1099 is sent, as the collection runs over 10k, not 20k, but in that range.