PSA9 Shadowless Charizard 1. Edition for less than 2k?

Should I accept the offer? Any idea about the future potential of this card, rise or fall?

Please confirm the card your buying or selling again ?

PSA9 graded 1st Edition Charizard 4/102

Under $2k? Why have you not bought it yet?

Although at that price, I’m getting major scam vibes

Post a photo of the card in question. Could you also confirm if your selling or buying ?

Buying. No scam.


I think he is asking weather you should buy at 2000 i say if its dollars about what they go for if its pounds that too much

seriously too much if it was over 2500$?

Oh 1st edition why is the guy selling for like half price?

It’s a scam.

If it’s not why the hell are you asking if you should buy a $5000 Card for $2000

thought you meant normal shadowless 2000 pounnds is a cheap lol

I feel like ive seen that image before, because the photo is so saturated in colour.

If you’re talking USD and assuming the seller is not trying to scam you, it’s literally free money at $2k, I’d buy that price all day.

But again, 2k USD for a PSA 9 1st ed charizard is basically the Pokemon card equivalent of getting an email from a Nigerian prince.


trust me, it’s trustworthy, i could even pick it up.

hahaha, wonderful

If you’re talking about getting a PSA 9 Base Set English first edition Charizard for $2000, why are you asking us? If it’s legit go take $2000 and pick it up

But be careful

So any predictions, might the value rise in the future or be constant around that?