has Covid brought in new collectors?

Or is it the same people, buying more? There seems to be a lot of new members here, increased activity on eBay, etc.

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Brought me here recently and I can’t say how much money I’ve already poured into the hobby. :blush:


Funnily enough you could say it did bring me here. I was staying inside all the time, too much time to spare, began cleaning my room. I found my old Pokemon cards, wondered if I could sell them, looked it up online and next thing you know, I end up here. :grin:


I’d say it’s a little of both.

The people already invested in Pokemon are buying/selling more due to having ample time to spend on the hobby they love. Also, there are new entrants to the hobby who have more time on their hands to rediscover their love for Pokemon, and thus start buying/selling as well.

Despite this pandemic crisis…our hobby is actually quite healthy, which is a sort of silver lining!

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It brought me here.


Yes lots of new collectors coming, old and new. Seems like the trend is parents teaching their kids about pokemon TCG. Buying decks to learn to play and so on. Also seeing lots of questions from parents asking which sets to buy for the kids because the kid wants pokemon TCG for their b-day or some other celebration. Very good sign overall. The future of this hobby relies on the young people getting into it.

Also pokemon tv show is getting picked up on Netflix so I expect another surge coming soon from that. It starts June 12th, 2020.

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You didn’t know the magic kids are turning in their magic cards? Where do you think they went? To the Yugiohs of course…BEyeDragonAllThat

A lot of new people came into the hobby because of the Virus. Almost all cardboard across the board has seen a considerable increase in prices.

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You’re trying to tell me it’s a good time to sell Magic Cardboard? I don’t even collect them to know this is not true.

It is or was for modern MTG in the past few weeks afaik.

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mtgfinance suggests hold cards for a year w/ claims that lack of events is strained mtg mkt. People want out, I hope they are not trying to hobby switch over here and buy cards because they think it’s the next greatest. There’s Yugioh and other magic they can focus on. I’m trying to be polite by saying I hope it’s not true as well. Magic cards are doing great, and they should continue to collect them.

It brought me here. I have a lot of time on my hands at the moment and I have watched every single Pokemon Radar podcast that is on Youtube! lol, love the community here!


Everyone needs to calm down on buying the Pokemon cards. Please. Theres so much yugioh.

Who let you out of the sandbox?


I’m just trying to share a few words with the new members. I think they’ll like it. Calm down Idubbs, the mods may come through soon.

You should be stoked that our hobby is boosting up. We know you’re huge on the modern cards so I think you’ll be safe from being priced out for awhile. Be jacked on the growth! :grin:


I’m happy for your growth…

@dblast, In 15 years, I have yet to meet the person who needed pokemon cards for their survival.


I’ve sold a ton of stuff recently, all breaking the highest pricepoints listed on pokemonprice.com. Seems like a bunch of people are spending that stimulus and pandemic money on more than just the mortgage