PSA Turn around times?

Hey all, was wondering if anyone could give me a general estimate on PSA’S turn around time for both international customers and domestic. I ask because I want to send a dozen or so higher value cards in and I’m unsure if I should send them via a service like Ludkins or as I’ll be working for a few months stateside send them in myself or even with another service like Scott. Cheers!

Send them to Scott now. Arrange the timing so they will be returned to him while you’re in the states. Then he will send them to you while you’re here. Safer, cheaper, and it helps e4 by supporting its services:)

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I’m pretty sure it’s almost impossible to give any real estimated times…my first PSA submission arrived to psa at 18. February, and after 93 days they are still not completed. :sweat:

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Are you sure your order’s not on ‘Receive Hold’ status?

Nope…I used the ludkins grading service. I sent in over 250 cards, half of them were completed weeks ago. (they were split in different subs, but were sent to PSA at the same time…)

Hopefully the rest will be completed next week… (he have contacted PSA and they told it will be done ASAP)

This is the first half of my grades, can’t wait to receive all of the cards back :blush: :


Will you be partially refunded for an atrocious delay like this? Almost got a heart attack reading this.

I doubt it…but It’s starting to get kinda annoying to be honest. PSA doesn’t like E-reader cards I guess lol. I’m pretty sure all of the 110+ cards are e-series holo cards :confounded:

93 days? That’s unprecedented. What is the submission number?

I don’t know…I would have to ask ludkins about it… All I know he contacted PSA about the submission like 15 days ago, and he said they apologised and told it will be done “right away”…

Sounds to me like ludkins may have screwed up.
Get the sub number from them then call PSA and ask for an explanation. If you don’t find out what you wanted then let me know.
Btw…post your results on the Great Grading Result Thread:)

I think at the moment psa may be slow due to the build up over easter break?

Seems like they are unresponsive to emails lately, I have an order pushing 45 business days now. Technically it has been at psa nearly 50+ days if I check when they received the tracking I’d.

I’m not in a rush, generally psa has been good all of last year. This is the slowest one so far. Maybe because of Easter break.

Just want to point out that there has been roughly ~60 business days since the 18th of Feb.

Was the 18th the day you sent them to Barney? The day PSA received the package? The day they were entered into the system?

I’ve had 7 100+ card orders in this last 2 months, including 2 this month, and 6 were completed within 2/3 weeks.

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Lol I’m not angry. Just saying how long the last one has been. I’m a patient man.

Glad to hear your submissions are going large and strong still :blush:

Is there any tips being an ex employee that you recommend to speed up? Like how we should pack or mark boxes?

Yeah, psa received the package on 17th or 18th Feb. I’m not in a real rush or anything to receive them back and I’m really happy with the grades I got so far!

I bet they will be completed soon. I just never thought it can take this long when I first sent them in haha, but then again I don’t have any previous experiences with PSA/card grading.

Of course mark the boxes. If it a 50 day write, “SPECIAL” on the outside of the box or include a short grade order with the longer time order and write 5 day or 10 day or whatever the short grade one is.

Best tip: include multiple orders in same mailer. Let’s say you have 4. They will normally spread them out along the queue so some will be quicker;)

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