PSA trying to compete with BGS 10

I was looking on Instagram and came across PSA/DNAs account. They posted a psa 10 magic the gathering Alpha black lotus, moxes and time walks. In the comments they PSA something along the lines of a BGS 10 black lotus is going for 39,imgaine what’d it go for ina psa 10. Now I know in business you don’t want to bow down or say your competitors are better than you but it made me laugh. With Gary’s legendary purchase of a BGS 10 1st charizard blowing psa 10 prices out of the water what do you guys think about BGS 10 compared to PSA 10?

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Was it a BGS 10 or a pristine 10?

BGS 10 is a pristine. not sure if you meant something else.

Think he meant black label.
I THINK BGS 10 is more valuable than PSA 10. Gary’s win is a good example but that was also a stand out card (possibly the only base holo to ever get the grade).

The advantage PSA has is that the Pokemon market is flooded with PSA so collectors may/will pay more for PSA items for collection consistency.

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I’d love PSA to come out with something to match the style and prestige that is the black label. Maybe if they made a red label or something just for the gems that would be cool.

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I’d like blue labels for regular cards.

As in full red as opposed to just the border?

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It is negligible for most cards.

Pristine 10 really that great? 9 and 9.5 suck ass compared to PSA, seen alot of scratches on BGS 9 and 9.5, and gloss sucks but.

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It’s sort of like the PSA market for Yugioh. It isn’t as common to see those since not many people are aiming for them when grading, but it’s something that might become popular now that alot of people saw the BGS 10 Zard for sale. It’s something that might specifically attract the people for who even a PSA 10 isn’t perfect enough.

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As @pokemonsyndicate so eloquently put it, I also share a similar experience with BGS 9 Pokemon Cards. In my experience, BGS 9’s in pokemon are terribly inconsistent. Part of me appreciates the “pristine” grade level, the other part of me thinks it is a contrived business tactic.

Smpratte is the pristine close to a PSA 10 or sometimes even better from what you have seen?

I’m not smpratte but many people have a problem that PSA 10s aren’t perfect. BGS 10 Pristines and Black label
Pristines are perfect.

I honestly have not seen enough Pokemon BGS 10 cards in person to give a fair assessment.

However, I think that Beckett is much more loose with their lower grades than PSA. Here is a quick video I made comparing two 9 mint cards I had on hand from each respective company. I can’t get the focus right on the back of the flareon, but I have never had a card earn a PSA 9 grade with that level of whitening.

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errrr… Man, that whitening on the Beckett is pretty bad… I reckon PSA would grade that a 7 or 8 MAX. Thanks for this, Ill have to buy a Pristine one day to see.

The BGS 10 Charizard is truly perfect. Not a speck, sliver, dot, or roll. It’s amazing it actually made it through the process so pristine.
Now one of my other ones, as well as a blastoise also appear to be perfect so it’ll be interesting to see what Becketts crosses them over as. I haven’t sent them yet.

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Maybe you could make a thread with detailed pictures, and close ups showcasing the Pristine Charizard 1st ed.

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I love the idea of BGS. The card slabs and labels are infinitely classier looking, and the sub-grades is an excellent idea. What lets BGS down though is that in principle the idea is great, but the execution is not. When you see black label cards or cards with supposedly 10/10 centering yet it is even at a glance blatantly not 10/10, BGS loses credibility in my opinion.

Of course there have to be tolerances to these things, like with a PSA 10 it can be 45/55 or whatever, BUT where BGS falls down for me is if you are going to display the sub-grades, it implies (at least to me) that the degree of accuracy must be much higher than a PSA 10, so to get a 10/10 in centering for example it has to be 50/50 with the very tiniest of margins, definitely a margin that is almost not visible to the naked eye. I have noticed the same about cornering grades too, where a corner has a 10 but an obvious scuff.

Tl:dr: the principle of BGS is brilliant, but the execution lets it down.

So essentially your saying they are trying to be to accurate for their own good?
I can definitely see this as a problem for them. Card grading is so subjective that this will probably always be an unavoidable problem in the industry.
With PSA there are ranges of condition within each grade. This leaves room for minor imperfections and also gives them an acceptable range of condition for each grade. So naturally, we should forgive them for certain “misgrades” as it is not as clear cut of an analysis of condition as we might like to think.

I think they should either scrap the sub-grades on the label or become much more accurate. I feel like they’re trying to have their cake and eat it.

Whether or not it would be feasible to grade with higher accuracy is another matter though, and would be a financial matter probably.