PSA submission - Post-it flags or nah?

Hi, I’ve seen some psa collectors attach the post-it flags on the penny sleeves and some do not. Any reliable insight on whether it is actually necessary? Because I’ve read a post somewhere saying PSA actually cut the card savers open instead of extracting the cards from the top and sometimes the post-it flags actually hinder the process. :face_with_spiral_eyes: also, can I submit the 15-free-grading cards along with my other cards (and use bulk specials) in the same order?

To answer your questions in order;

  1. I’m not sure it’s necessary, but the tabs I use on the penny sleeve actually make it a lot easier to insert into the card saver and reduce the chances of damaging the cards. I’m not sure how these would hinder PSA.

  2. You can’t have two different service levels in the same order. That means your 15 free grades have to be in a separate order to bulk. (Unless of course you were submitting a bulk order at the $18/card rate)

My take on these:

  1. I have not yet used the tabs, but may try it on my next submission. It seems like overkill, but I have seen some things that lead me to wanting to try it.

  2. On the PSA submission form, under instructions point 10: “10. Package cards and submission form carefully. To help expedite service, turnaround times must be marked clearly on the outside of the package. If submitting multiple orders in the same package, please mark the outside of the package with the fastest turnaround time. Failure to do so may result in delays.”

That emphasized part leads me to believe you can in fact submit multiple orders in one package of varying service levels/turnaround times.

This also has a similar line.

I could be wrong, but OP is talking about submitting the 15 free grades in the same physical order as the bulk.

You should be full bottle with the fact that you CANNOT have two differing service levels (e.g. $6 bulk rate and $18 standard rate) in the same submission (I.e. One submission number).

They require different orders, and even from the physical paperwork side of things, it’s impossible.

As for submitting your free grades in one order and putting in a different order in the same package (that means two separate orders being sent in the one package) that is totally fine and it’s how I’ve been operating since I started grading.

Ah okay. I took the question as asking if you could ship them in the same package. Hard to tell exactly what he was getting at. Yeah you definitely cannot have varying service levels in one order, but you can for certain have various orders in one package. Semantic are important here and not fully clear.

I haven’t used the tabs and I’ve never had any issues.

Absolutely no way PSA cuts card savers open. Several people have requested that PSA return their card savers and they’ve gotten them back undamaged. (albeit with stickers/writing on them from the grading process)

The tabs make it easier to load and unload the cards from the cardsavers.
The biggest reason though is it makes the PSA employees happy which may be smart considering your destiny (and value) is in their hands;)

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