Just Bought a PSA Membership...

Thanks to those who have given me advice already, for anyone else, what is your best PSA advice?

It could be anything from how to submit to what you have learnt from your time dealing with PSA. =)


Use post its on the soft sleeve prior to putting it into the card saver1.

Don’t use tape on anything inside the box.

Use the online submission form. It’ll aid in accuracy.

Write the service length on the outside of the box in marker.

Good luck with your grades:)


Top advice mate. Thanks =)

@ozenigma Write the service level if its a quick turnaround time (5, 7, 10 days). If not then don’t write it. If you write “50-day” on the outside, PSA takes their sweet time putting it into their system.

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Would like some more insight into this ‘tactic’ from others.

Does not writing your amount of days on a long turnaround (30/50) make it get looked at quicker?

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@milhouse In my experience, yes. Cause they don’t know what service level the cards inside are under, they need to open it up reasonably quickly. And once they open it up, its in the system and the turnaround time starts. Its basically just about decreasing the time that your package sits unopened at PSA.

My own personal preference is to only send in Pack-Fresh Mint cards for Grading. I hardly ever send in anything that I didn’t pull myself. Unless I inspect the hell out of it first and I think it will grade a Mint 9/Gem-Mint 10. It’s not worth the money to grade cards that aren’t Mint. Because if you ever decide to sell them and they aren’t atleast PSA-8’s, then you will likely lose money on them. As for the actual grading, I only send using the Bulk Rates or the Voucher for signing up for the Collectors CLub. I like paying $7-$8 a card after shipping/insurance rather than more. If PSA’s Monthly Special isn’t very good, then I hold off for that month. I’ve sent in 15 Submissions so far. One every month for the last 6 months aswell, as I also submit cards for other people. Unless a card has a very high sentimental value to you (if it isn’t Mint), then don’t grade it. The longer you submit, the better you get at figuring out what grades cards will get. With my own cards I typically hit 50-80% on PSA-10’s myself. Some of the cards make no sense to me why they grade Mint 9’s though. Typically, talking about Pack-Fresh Japanese Ex’s/FA’s. Also, I grade both English + Japanese Pokemon cards aswell as recently started grading English Yugioh cards. Hope I helped! :blush:

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This is purely anecdotal. I have had the exact opposite experience. I write the time on the box, and they enter it within a week of receiving my order and turn it around in 1-2 weeks. There is no exact science/truth to marking or not marking an order.

Well, I’m speaking from my experience. But you definitely have more than me so I defer to you on this one.

I only posted to emphasize that there is no objective correlation. I don’t mean to diminish your personal experience. If you want to not mark it, that is definitely your choice. But in regards to general advice, as much as we would like to have a little shortcut/benefit, myself included, there is no quantifiable correlation.

Anybody can pm me if interested on what to put on the outside of a 50 day submission;)

Use your free grades wisely!


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Put the lowest turn around time on the outside of every box. If they open it, they’ll log it. And if they don’t check your order’s paid turn around time, that’s on them.

(I completely made this up)


What if you mark, received on the box like… a date 2 months prior… and when PSA receives the box, it says that PSA received the box 2 months ago… and it mindF**ks them… and they are like. “oh boy, looks like we have to escalate this one”

It might work…

or might not…

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