PSA Pricing

I know a lot of people look to Pokemon Price and PSA APR results for pricing but is there a more accurate place that looks at all the sales on ebay?

I use both quite often but notice they are very heavy towards the auctions. Im sure most of you know they only show a partial amount of the Buy Nows. Stores like mine that use out of stock dont even register the sales into either system.

For those of you who are unaware here is one example. I sold 13 of this partiular Charizard in PSA 10, but I cannot find any of the sales in either system:


PSA Apr:

Im not really sure it would be possible tracking sales for listings like this for multiple quantity, but even ones that I only have single sales for, those do not show up in either system.

I inquired about this on a previous thread. But nobody was able to give a conclusive answer.

I use Terapeak. Only thing to be aware of are items sold at “best offer” prices as they might not always show accurately.

I thought people mentioned before: Not sure if this is what your looking for.

Not sure why some items are omitted and some aren’t, your listings title is literally exactly the same as numismaticgmc’s listing which was recorded ( so it wouldn’t be the title . The only difference I notice is your image is on an angle and the PSA barcode and number are slightly out of focus, it might be enough that the image recognition can’t isolate and read it within the accuracy threshold and skips the listing.


Sorry to have missed this in another thread bringing up an old topic.

I dont think it has anything to do with the photo as anytime I look up other sellers with out of stock option enabled - those sales never show up for them either.

I could not get the other sites to work for picking up those sales. Usually when I auction them off they do show up, bu those are the only ones.