Price websites for graded cards?

Where can I check past/historical/market prices for 2004-5 Pokemon Japanese Play Promo cards?

Or just any Japanese PSA 10 cards? Is there a good website?


eBay completed listings.

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Can’t speak to the quality of the data here but the person who runs the site is also a member here


eBay sold listings or 130points is good too, it shows the actually price sold. Just need to use the search function and filter by Sold.

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eBay sold/complete and also can try PWCC sales history. You can also look on the PSA registry and see previous auctions & sales for many cards across a variety of grades.

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In order, I use these:

#1 130point:
#2 eBay Sold/Completed Listings
#3 PSA Auction Prices:
#4 PWCC Sales History:
#5 mavin:


Exactly this! Just keep in mind PSA auction prices is always missing at least 50% of sold items and I have no clue what they pick and choose to show on the site. Also, ebay sold listings is redundant since you need to check the price against 130point anyways to be sure lol


Typically I only use PSA, PWCC, and mavin for rare items that come to auction infrequently. 130point (and by extension the eBay & PWCC listings that are on there) is only good for recent comps. To my knowledge, PSA, PWCC, and mavin have the best “historical” data to track price movements over several years.

Also, sometimes there is a lag between when an eBay listing is sold and when it updates on 130point. So if you’re looking for extremely recent sales (e.g., hours ago), the eBay sold listings could have a greater number of comps than 130point.

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Anyone use

Don’t forget


Data quality should be very high, I’ve talked with the developer and the efforts that they have taken to ensure clean data is simply insane. I think this is the cleanest data out there honestly.

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I personally have used It has helped me a bunch!

Just saw this thread, I’m here boys. I really appreciate the reference.

TCGFISH (free) has around 28000 cards in database including all variations of the same card (holo, Reverse Holo). Both Japanese and English cards.

I tried to keep the data as clean as possible, we even manually clean the data, database has over 1 MIL public sales records included, with a potential error rate around 0.4%, means that for every 1k data pints, 4 data points might be questionable (slightly shilled- higher or fake seller-lower, or it’s just a real sale. we don’t know),

But from my experience, around 0.05% data really has problem. I just have to manually roll over thousands of rows and check them one by one… RIP

(Don’t mean to promote, just to share how data quality works on the site. if this post violates the forum policy, please delete this, thanks)


I’ve had a ton of trouble finding sites like this.

Sometimes PSA APR has a piece of data or two. I’ll parrot always check pwcc - they don’t appear many places, but have some sales. Anything eBay so Marvin/130 cover that.

So much happens via IG and privately it’s difficult.

I won’t have much patience for people who are just here for every post to be an advertisement, but I don’t think this is that at all since it was brought up completely organically


yea, i usually check pokemon price a bit, PSA APR, but mostly lean on 130point ebay solds and pwcc sales history. i try to get a solid couple ideas of a price point and then i usually just go over the prices and decide where im comfortable paying (i usually end up picking some measure of central tendency like the mean or median).

The general market research tab is really well done. The only chart I’d be curious about is ASP by PSA grade. An insight on what the average gem mint premium is might be interesting since we’re often going back and fourth about the value, or lack there of, of 10s

Appreciate the comment, I still think the market research tab has a lot to improve. Back to the question, I’m not sure if I understand this correctly, but here are 2 charts:

  1. PSA 9/PSA 10 price ratio, meaning on average, for the same card, PSA 9 is how much (%) lower compared to PSA 10. I never thought about this before you mention this topic, and I believe this can be a bull or bear market indicator in the future. (Surprisingly, we are back to 2019 level, the regression trend line is almost FLAT. The inverted peak was at (-61%) around late-2020, now we at around (-55%).)

  2. The average sold PSA 9 and PSA 10 price. (I think it would be better to separate them by vintage, modern, but too lazy). (Aud-31st-2022), on average, PSA 10 sales for $130, PSA 9 for $80.

But I’m not sure if 2nd chart can show the Gem Mint premium of PSA 10, I think the 1st chart is a better one. PSA 9, on average, is -55% less than PSA 10. or in other words, PSA 10 is 2x more than PSA 9.

Picture 1:

Picture 2:


both of these charts/perspectives are exactly what I was wondering about. That first chart especially is fascinating. agree about its potential as an indicator all around. Just considering the consumer behavior that goes into buying a 9 vs a 10.


and the second chart, obv it covers all card data without nuance for each era but the fact that it shows a version of @smpratte’s “K Shaped” recovery is fascinating. PSA 9s and 10s both saw a huge surge and then retraced, but held at a higher price than they started at - signaling that a general correction was in order. But, 10s retained more of that surge for longer.

you can also see something really cool in the Japanese vs English chart on your site

Japanese ASP actually overtook English during the retrace period. It would stand to reason that on average, a Japanese PSA 10 purchased in 2019 would fair best in 2022.

Obviously, there are more cuts you could do to get more specific insights but you don’t need me to tell you that (or ask for any more free analytics lol!). Thank you so much for your time already @TCGFish