PSA Jumbo card grading

Hi guys
is anyone graded jumbo cards lately?
i cant find the turnaround time frame anywhere, and PSA CS dont help much
i really want to send my shadow lugia


These are the services that you can select for jumbo cards, so based on those service options, at longest (economy) it should take 45-90 days if you chose the cheapest option.

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That’s what I thought at first too
But then I sent supersized cards based on this thought and it took about 4 months…
In the past, jumbo cards took a lot of time.
I wonder how it is today.

Oh okay that’s interesting, I wonder why their timing would be more inaccurate for other card sizes. I’ve actually considered sending some jumbos myself for grading (the V-Unions look incredible as one card in jumbo form). If I do, I’ll update you on the time it takes if you’re still waiting to send your shadow Lugia

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