Card enters PSA "Grading" step sooner than expected?

My Shadowless Charizard (first card I’ve ever sent in for grading) is already on the “Grading” step at PSA:

And it arrived there just a few days ago. Is this normal? I heard that once a card hits the “Grading” step, it’s back in your hands within a week or two. However, everyone says the whole process takes about 60 days!

Can a card really move this quickly through the process? Or does the “Grading” step actually mean it’s ready for grading but just sitting on the far end of a shelf for several more weeks?

By the way, my card is on the “Express” service.

Thanks in advance for your insight!

Consider yourself lucky. I have orders that took a month just for psa to register them.

Once it hits the grading stage, it is most definitely not guaranteed to be back in your hands within a couple/few weeks. Just trying to set your expectations realistically.

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Well that’s what I needed to know, so thanks!

don’t trust the domino’s pizza tracker, it lies. i don’t believe that my cards are coming back until i get the email saying that grades are ready. godspeed to your charizard.

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