PSA bulk order accepted/registered today.

Decided to use my psa account bc why not, sent in vouchers and a 300+ card bulk.

Sent both in together in one box, 15 vouchers economy (so PSA can push my package through) and bulk 300 card. The 15 voucher got accepted at 7pm today (4/27) and not the bulk. Expected.

Then i got an email 4 hours later at 11pm that the bulk also got accepted. Pretty shocked with all things considered.

It may be they’re not accepting bulk orders that were delivered after that email date ? Maybe they took mine as the box was already open & a new worker came in and pushed it through? Truthfully, I’m not sure. But i am not complaining one bit 8)


That’s cool it got accepted. When did you create your bulk order list? Had it expired by now, but they still accepted it anyway?

Lucky as PSA still down for bulks typically.

I got jumped on for saying it before but I’ll say it again. If PSA has the extra time they will accept or complete a bulk order. I just got a non economy package go to mailing myself Saturday:)


Same day as i shipped it. So march 10th or so

going to make the plunge on Friday since it’s the beginning of the month, hopefully they will be accepting bulk. I have been sitting on cards in 16’ to submit.

when submitting 100 plus orders how are you packaging the cards? Are you putting them in the card saver box and then shipping? I know with smaller orders they suggest using cardboard as a sandwich.

How long ago did PSA receive the package before accepting it?

If you dont have a card saver box, their recommendation is in batches of 25, rubberbanded around the top and sides & tape if you feel necessary. My typical. Inside of a normal box & bubble wrapped (or any material) so they dont move around while in transit

6 weeks

Haha woops, I miscounted so now i have to wait until they email me the extra card name so I can give it a declared value. Apparently could take a week, oh well