PSA 10 shining Zard & PSA 8 Gold Star Zard - Price evolution

Hi there,

I have been checking the market prices for the Shing Zard and GS Zard, I wanted to see if you guys had any idea how much these used to go for in the past few years ?

It seems that the PSA 10 Shining goes for +/- 1000-1300$ and the PSA 8 GS Zard goes for 550-700 dollars

Any idea how those prices compare to last year/two years ago ? Are the prices ranges I put a good price to buy these cards for ?
Thank you :blush:

checkout its an incredible resource for this type of info.

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PSA’s APR page gives out this information:

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Wow I actually didn’t know this tool … thank you :blush:

Are you talking about the English unlimited Shining zard? I got mine for $400 last year :open_mouth:

I had no idea it’s price went up that much jeez…

There are a lot of sales over 550 dollars recently

I’ve been tracking the unlimited PSA 10 Shining Charizard since mid-July 19’. Haven’t seen any up for sale on eBay less than $700. I had a chance when one seller had it posted at $900 and he came down to $750 but I didn’t pull the trigger. Quick glance and there’s a few over $1k with multiple watchers.

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Thanks for the info man

I also got an offer of around 1000 euros but it seems very expensive even though they’re rare these days …

Yea unlimited shining zard in PSA 10 skyrocketed… I had the chance to buy one last spring for 500 and didn’t jump at it sadly. By the time I tried to get one it went for over 700, and now it’s just ridiculous. That’s a zard for ya and more specifically WOTC.