PSA 10 Call of Legends SL Prices?

Hey all! so i’ve seen that the col sl’s have been going up in price lately and the pop for 10’s are pretty low but a few pop up for sale here and there… I was just wondering what’s peoples opinions on what most 10’s should go for (each SL)

I personally really love the art on those(Ho-oh OMG) and no doubt they should be priced accordingly because they are shinys, popular pokemons, and very low on POP. COL is not the most popular set but i believe once someone manages to complete a PSA10 set and publicly showed it on IG or FB or eBay, everyone would want a set. However it can go two ways, once someone completed the set, there will not be a novelty in completing the COL shiny set anymore as another already exist. I personally value the nicer ones at $400 each :blush: