Protecting booster boxes

Wondering how you guys do this?

I was thinking Perspex box, silica gel pack in there to keep it dry?

I go to my local Taps plastics and have them create a custom UV plastic case for it about 1/8 an inch all around. Cost me about $16 each time. I’ve considered re-selling them at a markup around $30.

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Someone here who collects boxes has a video in which his are stored in something like§ion=4 I thought they were a good fit and he was getting them like 1 or 2 for a $1

I have used following Smartstore Classic 2 ( 21x17x11cm ) for my box collection:

All placed inside wooden chest ( with few silica gel packs ), no complaints so far with moisture or dust.


Im running out of space in my house so i was thinking of putting my sealed boxes etc in a plastic box like the one above, and then putting it in the loft. However in the summer, the loft gets extremely hot with the sun shining on the roof all day - does anyone know if this will have any bad effect on the cards inside?

Tell us more mate…


MUJI!!! you live in Asia you have muji in guangzhou right?

I think there is some quite large acrylic dvd holders in there, and they fit booster boxes well… acrylic boxing and encasement…beautiful!

good idea with the silica packs.

Control of temperature and relative humidity1 is critical in the preservation of library and archival collections because unacceptable levels of these contribute significantly to the breakdown of materials. Heat accelerates deterioration: the rate of most chemical reactions, including deterioration, is approximately doubled with each increase in temperature of 18°F (10°C). High relative humidity provides the moisture necessary to promote harmful chemical reactions in materials and, in combination with high temperature, encourages mold growth and insect activity. Extremely low relative humidity, which can occur in winter in centrally heated buildings, may lead to desiccation and embrittlement of some materials.

Fluctuations in temperature and relative humidity are also damaging. Library and archival materials are hygroscopic, readily absorbing and releasing moisture. They respond to diurnal and seasonal changes in temperature and relative humidity by expanding and contracting. Dimensional changes accelerate deterioration and lead to such visible damage as cockling paper, flaking ink, warped covers on books, and cracked emulsion on photographs. In some situations, however, materials may be protected from moderate fluctuations. Mild changes appear to be buffered by certain types of storage enclosures and by books being packed closely together. -

Pics please

Great tip! There’s a MUJI in the shopping center just down the street from my house. I’ve still got dozens of unopened Base through Neo booster boxes that I would love to have a proper way to store.

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Extremely low relative humidity, which can occur in winter in centrally heated buildings, may lead to desiccation and embrittlement of some materials.

Makes me want to do something different with my cards. :dizzy_face: I just keep mine under my bed where it’s nice and cool. Thankfully humidity has never been a problem over the years but I feel like I might need to step up my game!

Dude… when i start building my collection / study room, i am calling you! ! ! this guy seems to know his shit!

Are you an engineering or chemical science major??

or did you just copy and paste everything from that website? whatever, it’s great you research this in such high depth, and how you really care for the hobby we share. Taking the time to properly care for the goods we collect shows a different level of professionality we hold as collectors.


Will upload pics of my display when I’m on home, Currently traveling for work then on Vacation after this week.


Are there individual slim fit cases for booster boxes? Almost like a display box. All clear plexiglass not a Tupperware lol.

Dang professor. You da man:)

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Imagine your bed brakes one day whilst trying to lay down. Terrible.

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@areestee, my reaction exactly.


Why would you say such a thing? *buys a titanium safe*