Promo Master's Scroll

What is the rarity and value of this card? Don’t know too mcuh about it.

Don’t know about rarity but I guess >1000.
Value about $175. A bit more if sealed and in original folder.

I’ve seen a whole bunch go in $350-500 range. 1k is definitely way too high for that card. I do have to agree $175 is a bit low.

I’m not following ebay sales of this card because they seem to be inflated. But they’re legitimate sales and if you factor them in you might end up with a higher going rate.

What I did was record Y!J sales. Five sales over one year, starting with $240 in December 2010, then three sales in the $170-180 range, and the last one in September 2011 for $150. I fed these data into upcpc (ultimate pokemon card price calculator) and upcpc says card value is $175.05 as of today.

I don’t have the card, find it somewhat attractive, and would be interested in purchasing. Would I pay $175? Probably not. I’ll wait for bargains.

Daisuki Espeon/Umbreon are a different matter. I find them extremely attractive. Unfortuntely they’re also very expensive with upward trend in prices.


@haze - thanks.

@reina - there’s one coming up soon for $130 plus fees. Nobody is going to bid on it because everyone is hoarding their cash for the upcoming blockbuster auctions—so you can snatch it up at a low price.

Daria, very good analysis, I like your observations! I think the Master scroll will slowly decrease in value and hit that unfortunate Victory Ring price range. It is a nice looking card, even for $100-$175.

I discovered another Master’s Scroll (055/L-P) on Yahoo! Japan – starting bid is 100 円