Printing defect? Damaged? Help

I pulled this card and put it straight into a sleeve and top loader. After I examined it more I noticed that it has this small clear dot on the top of the card. Not sure what it is, examining it at different angles I can definitely tell it isn’t indented on the card. Looks like it may be a printing defect as it looks to be printed on the card? Has anyone seen anything similar before? What I read on PSA’s official page was that they sometimes disregard small printing defects, so I was wondering if this would fall into that category. Is it worth sending to PSA if so what grade do you think it will get? What do you all think? Any response is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

@tomohawj, You already posted this in the Giant Professional Grading Thread, the appropriate place for this question. If someone responds to you they will do so there.