Thoughts on this PSA9 card...

So I’m looking to buy this PSA 9 card (photos attached). The seller says it’s not on the case but on the card it seems. I’m thinking could be a printing error? Has anyone else had printing errors that look like this? If it’s dirt it wouldn’t have gotten a 9 right? Appreciate any feedback or insights!

Small ink spots happen often. It’s impossible to say what that is from the picture though.

I will say if that tiny thing is the dealbreaker for you, you probably should not be buying 9s or even most PSA10s


Probably a print dot.

It might not be an ink spot - something to ask the seller is to clarify whether or not that is a print defect or if it’s residue. This can easily be distinguished by tilting the card against the light. PSA has had some incidents where residue has ended up on the card one way or another post-grading and pre-encapsulating.

Thanks for the help and replies people