How much would PSA take off for this small printing error?

I’ve never sent in a card with a defect such as this (just a small dot - circled in the picture), so I am unsure of what this would get. I don’t really want to send it in if this would cause it to get anything less than a 9. Everything else on the card looks perfect.

Edit: Sorry for the huge picture, I don’t really know how to resize it here…

Bigger is better in my opinion, hmm interesting mark… I haven’t seen that before.

Alright thanks. I’ll definitely send it in then and might specify a minimum grade of 10, as I don’t want to risk cracking it out of the case in the case of a 9, knowing there’s a fair chance it could receive a 10.

Is it a dot, as in ink? Or a dot as in the card is indented?

It’s ink. From what it looks like it was printed on the card and didn’t come from a source after printing.