Price on Professor Oak's Visit (Battle Road Summer 2007)

Looking to purchase the Japanese Holo Version.

Anyone know a price range on it?

There’s one currently on Yahoo for $160

Tempted but don’t know the value!

I just bought it, 2slow

I didn’t really. I saw it and was intrigued as well.



Well only thing I could find was that it was given out at a 1-day Event to the winner of the 2007 Battle road summer.

So I think it’s safe to assume it’s pretty rare of a card.

I bought it btw…

It is quite a nice looking card.

It could be one of those niche cards. Like my jigglypuff holo japanse promo. Superrare, but you could get lucky and pick it up for a good price

Jigglypuff holo?


I think I’ve seen that jigglypuff discussed before but what’s the story behind it?

One of those very rare but close to unown cards

This card was given away in August 2009 as a Holofoil Promotion for the Pokémon Challenge Open 2008/2009.