Anything special here? Jigglypuff 047/DPt-P. None on ebay!

This card was given away in August 2009 as a Holofoil Promotion for the Pokémon Challenge Open 2008/2009.

I’m not sure about how rare it is but I want one now.

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That artwork looks awesome, not sure on price though.

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Like 4 people on the planet played TCG in dppt era. So probably under 10 copies.



He’s just making a joke about a dip in competitive player base activity during the time this was released.

My mistake. I meant to say


Yet, is this rare? And how rare is it? What’s the dollar value?

Downside: Not well known. Not the most fav pokemon. No special holo effect or stamp.

but: available at event and for a short time. Hard to obtain. None have been sold on ebay for some time. Awesome artwork. Great story.


This card is exactly the kinda card I love to collect unknown by most hard to find and most of the time really cool and one of a kind artwork.

I really like it. There’s a chatot dpt promo with jigglypuff in the background from the opposite perspective of this one



Hey, it’s still a nice looking card :blush:

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With a nice story, sure.