Is this even a thing!?

I was searching through ebay today when I stumbled upon this … I honestly tried to look for differences bit couldn’t find any (could be the picture) and I’m unaware that such a card was given out. Seems to me someone got taken and is trying to recoup some money…I could be wrong though. Anyway, Thoughts?

…It appears to say Vol.3 at the bottom

Prezent ≠ Present


I also thought they were given out at the tmb (As well as the trainer mag), but definitely more than 14.

There is one with different text on the bottom, I do not know any information about it whatsoever other then I have seen a photo. :thinking:

I don’t know why the auction refers to tropical present. There was a promo card named “tropical present” available through the fan club in 1999 which had nothing to do with tmb.

The only difference, if it is even true would be if it were not glossy, but I would not drop $350 for a non glossy version. :confused:

I don’t want to make fun of the seller because I don’t know enough about the cards to say they’re not what they are being claimed to be, but he/she also has this in another auction; it’s “almost in mint condiction.” Though the English is a little broken. Maybe this person is using google translate?

I honestly think this seller is just making up convincing stories to try and sell common cards.

I am thinking the same thing!

My avatar accurately describes how I feel about this seller’s auctions. I hate when people try to do things like this. The only instance I know that is 100% true (confirmed) where they give out a card in a tournament that was also featured in a magazine was the kamex computer error…and they at least made a noticeable difference between the two.

The Vol.3 writing at the bottom of the Exeggutor suggests a scam. But how did the seller come up with a non-glossy Exeggutor and a non-glossy Snap Pikachu? Did the gloss somehow fade out over the years?

Hahaha mike! That made me laugh outloud!

Who knows how he got the non glossy, if that is even true. I would not recommend purchasing them.

I have trouble distinguishing non-glossy surfaces in photographs. Does anyone know if this card is the JR Rally version?

No, it was never printed for distribution in the us except the version given out in Hawaii for the Tropical Mega Battle. The more common version was made for the trainer magazine in japan. Both were printed by media factory.

Yes, the TMB version is non-glossy, the text is slightly less bold and the text on the bottom of the right corner is different.

and for reference here are the two cards side by side: