Price on Misty's Trainer Deck B / As a Set & Individual Card

Hi all.

As I’ve never seen a set up on eBay, was wondering what you would roughly estimate an entire graded set of Misty’s Trainer Deck B [1999] would possibly fetch in today’s market. Its the only graded set currently listed on the PSA Set registry, but I am sure there is more than one out there, based on the population of some of the cards.

Squirtle Gem Mint 10
Wartortle Gem Mint 10
Blastoise Gem Mint 10
Seel Gem Mint 10
Staryu Gem Mint 10
Starmie Gem Mint 10
Pidgey Mint 9
Pidgeotto Gem Mint 10
Computer Search Gem Mint 10
Pokemon Trader Gem Mint 10
Switch Mint 9
Energy Removal Mint 9
Water Energy Gem Mint 10

I’ve also sent the remaining 47 cards from my un-sealed Trainer Deck B that I purchased off of eBay to get graded. Aiming to possibly sell them at a low price to help recover the cost of purchasing the deck in the first place.

Thoughts? :blush:

Seeing the prices of these rise in recent months/years, I’d put the Blastoise at a minimum of $500. The rest are speculative & can only add to the “complete set” value. The Trainer Deck A set sat for awhile, so that’d be a good benchmark to price below. If I were listing the Blastoise, I’d say $995 list price and take whatever you’re comfortable with - not that you’re looking to sell or anything.

-My opinion.

I’m not sure if someone would spend $500 for a B deck Blastoise. It’s disappointing because they’re rare cards, and they’re often times miscut making it hard to find them in Gem Mint condition.
(if you don’t believe me on the Gem Mint aspect just ask this guy 6/60 B deck cards got PSA 10)

But while the supply is low (only 3), there’s just not much demand.

It’s still not hard enough to buy a sealed Trainer Deck B. Heck, I’m sure if you wanted to spend $400 you could probably find someone willing to sell an entire deck to you with minimal searching. I doubt you’ll get a PSA 10 out of the deck, but it’s hard to convince someone that their brand new still in the box card wont get a Gem Mint rating.

Well I don’t expect my other 47 cards back until at least January but based on their condition, I should get some 10s. I know my Switch’s will score 9s though :slightly_frowning_face:. Only need a couple left to complete the set in 10s. Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

@gemmint - Unfortunately, I may be forced to sell off a good majority of my collection due to needing to purchase an apartment or house shortly. Just made the 1st of a couple of videos with things I have to sell :slightly_frowning_face:.