Trainer Deck A & B Price Discussion

the Pikachu’s I could get with that money…

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wow how much should I pay for these decks… i want the blastoise first xD

Theres no decks on ebay… what in hell am i to do :confused:

wow wehat the hell?? is this for real… -

I don’t know the B deck pricing any more, it keeps raising it’s probably up to $500 now. As for the A deck it’s more of a challenge trying to find it, but you’re going to be spending in the $3k+ range.

It’s sold.

You think deck b would be worth more because of blastoise. That’s also really good news that blastoise deck is only 500usd.

Deck B appears more frequently than A.

The last one i saw sell went for $1000 AUD, it was not sealed, i can recall seeing at least one since then listed for a slightly lower price, dont know if it sold


I paid just over $1,000 AUD for an opened copy of a Deck B from TCA a little while back.

Sent 13 cards into PSA just to have a graded set and scored 11/13 gem mint 10s. After getting back the first 13, I have since sent the remainders in as-well to get graded. A large amount of 9s :blush: and a couple of extra 10s.

That link posted back on page 1 is the only time I have seen a Deck A publically being sold.

With that said, I am currently awaiting delivery of a box of graded Deck A cards, including that pop. one PSA 10 Machamp :sunglasses:


I acutally saw two sealed A decks sell about 1 or 2 months back, the seller was absolutely clueless and sold the first for $1k USD, and proceeded to sell the next for around $2.5k USD

Yeah I watched your videos when you get your returns… blastoise!

Whoever picked them up really did get a great bargain.

Too bad I was on holidays during that time. I got back only to see Deck Bs on sale. Checked their feedback and saw they had sold some A’s.

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Roughly 9 months ago someone on ebay was selling a PSA 9 trainer deck B Blastoise along with the complete opened deck. It was listed $500+ or b.o. I got him down to, I believe, $330. I didn’t take the offer. Stupid me.

The prices of these things have shot up significantly. Both A and B. Good thing I snagged a Blastoise recently.

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I have recently bought a sealed trainer deck B for 300$ :stuck_out_tongue:
And after 2 days I have declined an offer of 800$
I won’t sell it for a while


Yep it was me when the deal was closed… more or less xD

People must be running out of cards to buy. This is basically the epitome of what I specialize in and I wouldn’t touch it for $800.


Out of interest, if you ever had to sell it, what price ‘would’ you be comfortable to accept?

*no, I’m not looking to purchase one :stuck_out_tongue: *


What on earth is with these values…

Guys multiple sealed sets sold at $750 usd in 2015

For the two combined…

I’m just a stooge I didn’t click buy fast enough. I don’t think they would be selling for more than $1200 currently

It’s tough

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