James' Random List! Updated/Trainer Deck A and B

Just a few cards and other things im chasing at the moment, please inbox me if you have any of these or know anyone that would sell theirs.

***UNSEALED Trainer Decks A and B (A price = ?? B price = $100)***I’m after both decks, must be complete with all cards and would much prefer the original box they came in. Condition doesn’t matter.

Pokemon Card Official Guide Book 2000 (Japanese) $100Would prefer this in good condition. For those unaware this a book written in Japanese and features every Pokemon card they made between the beginning of the TCG and the year 2000.
Abra $10 each
ANY French or German E Series cards (Reverse Holo’s only)
ANY Korean Base versions

Kadabra $10 eachANY French or German E Series cards (Reverse Holo’s only)
ANY Korean Base versions

Horsea $5 each
English EX Dragon (33/97)
English EX Dragon (58/97 Reverse Holo Only)

All prices are in AUD and excluding postage to Australia. Cheers, James.

Updated with prices and new stuff :blush:

I want those trainer decks too. Do you really think you can find the for $100 each? That would be a steal I feel like but I dont really know much about how many actual sell lately

the only sale i can see on ebay was one in feb of this year, but the blastoise was graded a psa 9,

it sold for a bit over $500 AUD, but it was the only one on the market for a while so the buyer likely over payed by quite a bit

Trainer Deck A I don’t expect to get for $100. I have the questions mark there as they are much harder to come by in a complete set and I have no accurate figure to put on it.

Trainer Deck B’s have known to sell for around that price. I think we had this discussion in my price guide thread about these. Wasn’t one listed at $75 and didn’t even sell?

Dang I wouldn’t bought it I think the prices fluctuate a lot because there isn’t exactly a steady quantity for sale

I think I have the MACHAMP set listed? It’s a graded Machamp though. Maybe it sold already but not sure…

I see it up still. That’s a pretty nice set. How many did you have to grade before you got all 10s?

Edit* wait nm you’re not pokemonplace

I think its gone Gary. I checked just before and i can’t seem to find the listing. How much did you have on it out of curiosity? Feel free to pm me if you like :blush:

id like to know myself, ive never gotten any info on what price range a A deck should go for.

but yes james that was myself who said my B deck didnt sell for $75 AUD for 6+ months, i think theyre so unknown that it must have slipped through the cracks a bit, I have since gotten quite large offers for it, but thats only from members on here. the average pokemon collector on ebay doesnt even know these decks exist

I’m willing to purchase a PSA 9 or 10 Trainer Deck A Machamp if anyone has any leads. Much appreciated.

I have English EX Dragon (33/97) Horsea!