Trainer Deck A and B Price Guide

Ok so i’ve seen quite a few posts about how much these sets are worth but I noticed none really got down to figures and as I am looking at (hopefully) affording these sets in the coming weeks I thought I would try and get some numbers thrown at me to get an idea in what these are worth. I’m chasing NON sealed complete decks, ungraded.

Cheers, James.

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Good luck finding an A set, it’s rare enough to say the price is whatever someone is willing to pay for it. B decks go for $200+

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He asked for not sealed sets. B decks definitely aren’t worth that unsealed.

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Yeah definatly unsealed as i am aware of how much more these sets are worth sealed. I was thinking $150 for a B set and in regards to sealed vs unsealed does that bring an A set down to around that mark? I have read that most of the decks were opened and used which is the reason the sealed ones are worth so much more.

nah you wont find an brocks deck for $150, even if its not sealed, the hardest part is finding one for sale, youre then at the mercy of the seller for the price lol.

but they go under the radar quite a lot, not many people know about them, i tried selling my opened trainer deck b last year, it was listed on ebay for 6 months at $75 AUD or best offer, didnt even get an offer lol

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Yeah very true, I know finding the sets would be the hardest part. Just trying to budget for them so I’m ready to buy when they pop up.

Wow, to me that’s such a good price! If I was interested back then I would of bought it straight up haha. Don’t still have it/know of any for sale do you?

I do have it, but im not actively trying to sell it, would have to be a good offer for me to part with it

I’ll private message you :blush:

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