Misty's Trainer Deck B

What’s the value of a sealed Misty’s Trainer Deck B and do the cards still hold value as a complete opened set and as singles (aside from Blastoise)?


Last two I’ve seen sell privately both went for $150. The value diminishes greatly when opened.

Well, the thing is that I’ve got a couple of sealed decks, but I also have a couple of complete opened sets as well. Would any singles (outside of Blastoise) be worth grading? I see a bunch on eBay that are asking high prices, but I haven’t seen any actually sell.

You’d probably be best off selling them as complete, open ungraded sets. I’ve never seen anything sell graded outside of the Blastoise evolution lines.

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Okay, thanks. Do you remember about how long ago those other two decks sold?

Both within the last year.
I’d expect to net about that amount after fees on eBay as well, but obviously only listing it will actually prove as much to be true

True, I don’t see any for sale currently so I feel that I could get closer to $200. Thanks for your help.

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Best of luck!

Don’t we all think something is more valuable because we don’t see any for sale on eBay? Hahaha

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How much would you be willing to let the opened sets go for? I might be interested in one. :blush:

I love your no Brony sign!


I haven’t really thought about a price yet, but I’ll be making a sizable sell thread here in around a week or so you’ll be able to see it then :blush:


It certainly seems like it!