Trainer deck b

Hey all am just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a thread on the trainer deck b? Info history pricing etc? Super interested. Cheers!

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Here is an article about the history and the contents inside the trainer decks.

Here are some price discussions on the forum, but keep in mind that none are from recent history, so thee prices discussed are most likely outdated. If you’re interested, here is some price history, and here are current ebay listings.

Hope it helps.


Thanks so much!

Why is the pidgeotto so expensive? Hard grade?

Well, it is are rare and only 2 of them in each deck, instead of 3 or 4 like the common and uncommon cards.

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I was going to make a thread about this today, so perhaps I’ll just add on my questions while we are discussing…

Here are the pull rates and populations of the notable Trainer Deck B cards.

1 Card Per Deck:
Blastoise | PSA 10: 12 | Total Pop: 19
Computer Search | PSA 10: 9 | Total Pop: 16

2 Cards Per Deck:
Wartortle | PSA 10: 29 | Total Pop: 33
Pidgeotto | PSA 10: 9 | Total Pop: 31
Pokemon Trader | PSA 10: 10 | Total Pop: 31

With such low numbers, I am wondering if these are actually ‘rare’ (not scarce :blush: ) or if there are people sitting on mountains of gem mint ungraded copies. Very few exist that are graded below a 9. I know the deck was never sold to the public and prices are $1800 a box, but I’m curious to see an estimate of the original distribution numbers. There are also 7 sealed decks currently available on ebay, so I’m also wondering if we should be adding some zeros to the total number of sealed product sitting in these sellers inventories.

Does anyone think this will move past being a niche and become a more sought after item? I hope so, I think this is a very underrated and unique set.


I am goung to add to this as I recently came in contact with a complete pack & opened and graded the gradable cards there. Fortunately, the blastoise got a 10. Only 1 wartortle got a 10. And only 1 squirtle got a 10. 1 pokemon trader as a 10. Of all the cards, the rest i knew (or assuned having grades over 700 cards) were not 10 worthy. Not a single water energy, or pidgeotto. I can’t speak for eveeyone, but centering was hugely diverse amongst the pack and nicks are prominent aha.

I have the rest mint and almost 10’s with either nicks’ or bad centering needed be

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