Price check - WOTC sealed legendary booster box?

Hi guys,

as per title, what would be the current value of a sealed wotc legendary booster box (gem mint - mint condition)? I am picking one up today with a local seller… but I know its a lot more than the last few years of sold values I’ve seen. Just want to get another opinion on price to see if I overpaid.

I’m buying it locally at $880 aud, which is $711 usd currently, free pickup.

Do you think that is an ok price? or too much?

I think its a little high, but im looking at the AUD…

Not a bad price. It is far better than you will get on eBay anytime in the immediate future. :stuck_out_tongue:

Those boxes really dried up in the last two years.

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Funny to see this post and these prices.

I would like to ask as of today, how much are these legendary booster boxes going for?
As the prices are getting quite crazy. $3000 or so?

I am sure there are many sealed boxes out there but people are sitting on them I reckon.

Any opinions would be great

Yeah, somewhere between 2.5k and 3k usd. Maybe more if people are desperate enough. There are a couple on auction right now.

The box was worth about $800-1,000 in 2015 when this was posted.

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Lol… This post is 2 years old. Why are you replying now hahaha…

Gosh… Can we please delete this thread…

I’m already getting questions about boxes…
I don’t have these for sale sorry…