First edition base box

How much is a factory sealed first edition base set box worth?

I have one of these from over 10 years ago…

A first edition box, you are lucky ;D :open_mouth: :sunglasses:

I’d value it at $2k but in this economy you won’t even get $1k though you should be able to get at least $500.

Yeah the last two numbers are the correct ones :blush:

Last one I saw went for $800 something close to $900 on ebay. People talk them up but they usually sell around $800-1,000. I am sure if you put it on ebay it would get a solid price since one has not been on for sometime and this is buying season, just saying :blush:

It seems to me that the supply of these has dropped severely over the last year while the demand has remained… 185 today for a single pack on ebay.

Check your thread on Pokegym. I think most agree that its worth something in the region of $500-$1000 at the moment. Hold on to it if you want a lot more - once the economy picks up, so too will prices

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My friend bought one for $750 a wille back

A box is not a pack and a box isn’t a pack even though the former contains the latter and the latter is found in the former.

A sealed first edition box is valued as a sealed box not as a ‘how many packs, if I opened this box and sold them for $185 a pop would I get?’

Besides the packs not only being cheaper but also more portable will have more buyers than a first edition box.

One thing about any collector especially card collectors is that they like showing off their collection in person (to certain people) and sure you can show off a first edition box in person but it’s easier to show off a pack than a box, especially if you are taking it away from where one would usually have it.

That is something that most people tend to overlook even collectors themselves, the fact that a collection will have a value added to it if it is portable and the easier it can be transfered and displayed the better.

sealed 1st edition booster box not opened will jsut range from 500-1k while a shadowless booster box is around 1st edition boosters alone can reach a good 50-100 but most of the time they wont go high with the economy right now.i have only seen 1 person open a 1st edition booster box.

ive seen a few

I’ll pass at that price :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

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