Help Valuing 1999 Booster Box

Hi All,

This is my first time posting on this forum. I’m trying to value a Booster Box from 1999. It’s unopened and sealed with the Wizard’s of the Coast plastic wrap. It’s been sitting in a closet since I was a kid. I haven’t been actively involved in collecting cards for around fifteen years and so I have very little idea about what it’s now worth.

A search on eBay / Google didn’t turn up much. I can only find two comparable listings (here and here but it’s tough to know whether those prices are representative out of context.

Any help would be very much appreciated. I’m happy to provide additional details if needed.


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It’s worth like $7500 plus now. You came at a good time to sell!


Wow! Thanks for the reply. I didn’t want to get my hopes up based on the other listings, but that’s great news. Do you have any advice about where to sell? Is eBay the best bet, or are there other places I should consider?

Worth about 6.5-7k. Lots of manipulated auctions recently to try and make it look worth more than it is.

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If you are not in a hurry to sell, I would hold on for a while and see where the prices stabilize at. Right now we are in a very hot sellers market.


Post pictures of your box. Some variations can be worth a lot more than the $6500-7500 being thrown around here.


Pics always help

lol watch it be 1st ed


If he wants to sell why would you tell someone to wait until the market cools off?


That auction you posted was fake and the seller immediately relisted it when he won his own auction that’s on auction again right now. Also there’s a dam WOTC logo over the Pokeball of that box and it KILLS me or I woulda got it.

Hi All,

Thanks for your replies! I appreciate it. I’m interested in selling, particularly if the market is good right now. I’ve attached a few pictures to this message. The first one shows the box, the second shows the bottom with the serial numbers.

Do you have any recommendations about where to sell? Is eBay the best bet? Thanks!

eBay would be the best to sell, if you put it on auction with the title : “Pokémon Base Set 102 Booster Box Blue Wing Charizard Sealed”. It’ll get you the price it’s worth. Put the auction at $.99 start and 7 days and nobody will let it sell for less than it’s worth.

I didn’t check to see if the title is too long, if it is remove the blue wings charizard or the 102.


Market might be 50% higher in a month or two for these boxes?

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when you say wait to see where prices stabilize implies that these prices are unstable and that they correct to an inflection point where they then will “be stable”

While an auction isn’t a bad idea due to the current hotness of the market, you’re likely better off with a buy it now and waiting to maximize your price. Likely better off because you’ll be a 0 feedback seller and bidders may be more reluctant to bid on your auction. Make sure you take nice, clear photos and include your name on a piece of paper in a picture of the box to verify you’re legit.

Looks like the lowest possible Buy It Now price for a base set booster box is around $7100, so the faster you want to make the sale, the more you’ll position your price under that number. I’m not seeing any confirmed sales that have broken $6000 yet, but unless a large supply of boxes come available, there’s unlikely going to be a drop in that price in the short term.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I’ll likely list on eBay in the next day or so. I’m currently asking them to raise my “Buy it Now” limit, since it’s locked at $1000 max for new eBay users.

If anyone knows of places other than eBay that it might be worth listing, I’d definitely be interested. I’d rather not pay eBay’s 10% fee if I can avoid it!

I really appreciate the help!

I promise an auction is fine. This is a highly sought after item with ebay protection, you’ll get to market price just fine even with low feedback/new seller account. Just don’t get a random username is the only other suggestion I would have, get something personal/meaningful like pickupel.

You are going to want to sign up for a Basic store subscription, which costs $7.95/month (you can cancel after you sell your box). Why? Because the final value fee cap goes from $750 to $350, which will mean you end up with $350 more in your pocket.

Let’s say you sell the box at $7,000:

Without store subscription: $7,000 - 10% ($700, doesn’t hit cap) = $6300 (minus paypal fees)
With store subscription: $7,000 - 9.15% ($640.50, caps at $350) = $6650 (minus paypal fees)

Essentially, you’ve lowered the 10% final value fee down to (350/7000) = 5%, not including paypal fees.

Thanks so much for this advice, that’s a game changer! I’ll definitely sign up!

Not saying the market will immediately go down after the lockdown, but I expect the growth curve will be much less steep when the lockdown ends since people can spend money elsewhere. So starting a 7-day auction now is not a bad idea if you have a credible eBay account.