[$20 prize!] 1st ed base set booster box (mint) on eBay!


This is the day you’ve been waiting for. You’ve saved your money all your life so you can make this purchase when it is available.

Guesses on final price of this box? Closest guess wins. Winner will get $20 paypal/venmo gift from me. Runner up will get $10 paypal/venmo gift from me. Third place gets nothing. Rest are losers. :blush:

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I’m going with $65k. It might sit for a while but it’s a decent amount higher than the last public one as far as I remember.

EDIT: I assume it’ll sit for a while because of the exorbitantly high buy it now price… he clearly intends to field offers until he gets a very strong offer.

EDIT 2: Wow I can’t read at all. I hover over it and see 15100 which I thought was 151000… which in turn made me not realize it was an auction. Not changing my answer but I feel less confident in it now that my reasoning makes no sense.


Hmm zero% postive feedback seller? Might hurt it. $38,300

56,000. Are you going by price is right rules? (Closest without going over) lol

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Someone has a fanticy league. Lol didn’t even consider that. Good in site. :blush:


eBay is showing me their feedback? I think it resets to 0 after 12 months. But they have sold in the past…

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Ah I gotcha.

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wowww. It would be interesting to know the number of these unopened booster boxes left out there…





$62,000 :grin: