Price check: psa 10 English gold star dogs trio

I’m buying the psa 10 English dogs (entei, suicune, raikou) trio from a Netherlands guy. $250 direct paypal. We have agreed but i haven’t paid yet. Please help me make a decision guys. This is a big purchase for me. I’m not trying to resell. I just love the cards. I appreciate any input. Thanks.

The guy that @darkrai mentions has single handedly ruined the market for the Gold Star Dogs. I sold my PSA 10s for 150-200 dollars each last year and I think those prices are still quite accurate.

I’d be incredibly weary of making purchases of them, however. The guy who owns all those cards is notorious for just generally being a shit person and has really awful practices and ethics, so make sure you are buying off of someone who isn’t him.

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You didn’t mention that you were, but he will rob you blind. Additionally, I would wait it out and look for a different seller. If you purchase from him, you are purchasing stolen goods.

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Whew…that was close. I almost sent $250 as PayPal gift yesterday. I came here to ask for help first and make sure I can trust him since it was an expensive purchase for me.

I also didn’t know the story behind these cards. I guess I’ll hold my purchase. Thanks everyone.


Seconding what everyone else has said.

This guy is a scammer pure and simple. Purchased a card off of me and tried to open a claim for “damage” when there wasn’t any. I wouldn’t even buy from him off of eBay. If you’re looking for these, get them from someone reputable.

No respectable seller is going to require you send as a gift if you do not already have a relationship together, in my opinion. That is a massive red flag for me and I have cancelled lucrative purchases with people because they were adamant about saving 3% after we had negotiated a price. As a buyer of a GOOD OR SERVICE, I am entitled to the protections that 3% pays for. So unless you have proven yourself to be my friend or my family, I will not send you a gift payment. Bottom line.

I recommend the same course of action to anyone and everyone. Every penny you save abusing or allowing for the abuse of the friends and family function on PayPal adds ten times that in risk to your transactions. It’s a poor lottery to play with people whose integrity you are not already intimately familiar with.


Handy link:

idiot with pokemon cards

Note that these have frequently sold at $80 or less each. A complete set most recently sold through eBay auction for ~$170 or so. Don’t deal with this guy without the protection of eBay or Paypal buyer protection, if at all.

and this meme was probably made in honor of the 3 doggintons

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I am happy this video is still known/gets shared around when appropriate.


Speaking of this guy, he just put ungraded sets for sale on a dutch site. He’s asking 75 euro a set and guarantees PSA9 or 10 if graded.

It may not be the guy but if you found him under the name or renazjuve then just don’t bother going through with it. To be honest the advice given about is correct saying that gifting things should either be for people you know or people who say have positions of responsibility within the community. For example I would gift gary or Scott no problem because they are big names here but Dave from Holland who I have never spoken to I would never even consider it. Also you can get them cheaper regardless so I would hold fire for now, the cards have a very high pop so they come up fairly frequently for sale as a psa 10 trio.

How did he manage to get them all ? I don’t get it

The specifics are uncertain, but they were taken illegitimately at some point pre-distribution.