Possible Gen 7 New Pokemon Reveal!

The first image of the cover of CoroCoro has been released through a trailer. This cover includes the first silhouette of a brand new Pokémon. This Pokémon is called Magiana (マギアナ).

Generation 7 already? Lameeeeeeee…


Let the theories begin :stuck_out_tongue:


A butterfly ==> Flowers?

Zygaena magiana ==> ZYGArde?

Insane theory ahead:

The new game is infact Pokemon Z, and it’s a continuation of Pokemon X/Y but events at the beginning of the game(in a cinematic) make you begin in a new region that becomes effected by some event between Zygarde/Yveltal/Xerneas.

So like a sequel for X/Y but in a new region.


Imagine a Generation 6.5 of sorts Pokemon Z game that adds 50 more species or so to flesh out the low 72 count that we got in X/Y. And the setting would be in a region adjacent to Kalos that’s hinted to in X/Y via the Strange Souvenir and the train tracks by Terminus Cave.

… i’d be totally down for that.

EDIT: That new siloette looks very flowery and leads me to think it has something to do with AZ’s Floette. Has a M Gardevoir vibe to it too.




What is this I don’t even.

… Looks more like a Digimon.

EDIT: On second glance, the bottom “dress” half of it also looks oddly similar to a Pokeball.

All aboard the Hype Train!
Hype Train has no brakes!

And it looks like it’s wearing parts of Klink / Klang / Klinklang on it’s head…

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That’s what I thought; looks like what happens when a Klinklang and a Diancie love each other very much.



It’s the Pokefusion of Klinklang and Bellosom!

I don’t know how to feel about Pokemon anymore…

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Plot twist it is not a new Pokemon but it is some new crazy mighty-morphin Pokemon mechanic where Pokemon can blend when bred inter species.

Awful… Just awful, this is why I hate the later generations, they are seriously lacking in creativity.

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I’m just happy to see some actual Pokemon news. Hopefully this starts the hype train for new games. I miss all the hype around ORAS.

As much as I am quick to jump to this argument personally myself, I am constantly reminded of the lack of creativity that went into Pokemon like Muk and Exeggutor from my personal opinion.

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Don’t forget voltorb and electrode, I’m not saying the first few gens are perfect but they at least have a mix of good and bad where most of them sit on the good side in my opinion. The newer gens I like literally less than 10 from each and I think as a ratio that’s poor!

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I like the design of Magiana! I reckon it looks cool! I dont think they ever lost their creativity, you guys are just getting older and as you get older your views change. Imagine a primary school kid looking at all the Pokemon! they dont see design they see cool magical monsters that battle!


It looks to me like a blatant ripoff of the new Star Wars robot BB-8 …

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The head reminds me of Klink
The torso reminds me of Magnemite