Possible EX Deoxys Misprints

I recently received this reverse holo Dusclops from EX Deoxys that features an error likely caused during production where you can make out the outline of the art on the back of the card.
It immediately reminded me of an EX Deoxys Gyarados that @gemmintpokemon shared on his instagram story a year or so ago that had the fangs of the card art mirrored on the back.

As for what caused these errors, my best guess is that the holo sheets were stacked on top of each other to be cut while the ink was still wet and some of the ink transferred. The front of my Dusclops has a LOT of surface silvering and flecking (esp on the hand - 3rd pic) while the card is in otherwise mint condition. No whitening or scratching that I can see. This likely means that somewhere out there there is another Dusclops with a bit of ink from the front of my card on it’s back too.
I wanted to make a thread to see if anyone else has seen a similar error from EX Deoxys (or maybe in other EX era sets). So far I have only seen my card and Gem Mint’s Gary, but I would expect there to be at least a few sheets worth of holos with something similar out there.

Sorry if the photos aren’t great - it was hard to capture on my phone

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I’m actually like 99% sure this isn’t a misprint. Conveniently, when I was putting together my EX Deoxys master set I bought thousands of reverse holos because of how difficult it was to find mint ones. Well, as you can imagine, I had a lot of extras lol. I stored them in very tight stacks in cardboard storage boxes for maybe a month or two. When I went to buylist them, a small amount of them had the exact same thing that your Dusclops has. And the card behind them had loss of ink just like the front of your Dusclops.

So that can happen to very tightly stored EX Deoxys reverse holos (might also have to do with humidity conditions since my experience was during the summer). In fact, if you got that Dusclops from T&T, that very well may have been one of mine (I had 50+ Dusclops, believe it or not).

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@zorloth,so your experience is that ink transfer can occur long after printing? interesting! and good to know for safe keeping of other holos. Have you only ever seen this on EX Deoxys?

Correct! EX Deoxys reverse holos are soooooooooooo fragile. I don’t know what the hell sort of printing process they used with them – the ink just comes off the cards insanely easily.

And yup – just EX Deoxys. There aren’t any other sets with the same ink issue as EX Deoxys. TRR has terrible print quality, but the ink is adhered to the cardstock much better.


I actually saw this exact card on eBay haha. Very interesting how fragile these holos are. Storing them any way other than individually sleeved is extremely risky at this point.

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Ty for the helpful responses you two :blush:

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