porygon 700 pt get fan club promo

i have this card which i bought for $400 ungraded like a year ago
which was what the seller paid for it, anyways im trying to sell but i see a psa 9 on ebay for same price

my card is psa 9 potential and that is what it would get , but since its ungraded i think the price 400 is over

im trying to make some money id like to get 300 for it now, knowing that it has sold for less, and more in the past.

is 300 a fair price?
where should i sell here?(im not allowed i havent reached 100 post yet)

or ebay (cause ebay’s not be working out so far)

I say you grade it. The value will be higher than the raw card as long as you get an 8 or up.

However, selling the raw card will be faster.

okay but will i be able to sell it at 400 easily?

i just want to get rid of it ass fast as possible
i can do free shipping and stuff as long as i get a solid 4hundres :wink:

Out of curiosity, what do the two other “Get” fan club promos (Eevee and Magikarp) generally sell for?

evee 200-400
magikarp 200-700


If you want to sell it quickly, fair value for an ungraded Fan Club Porygon is closer to $175…

Yeah, you won’t get $400 even if you get a Mint 9. The raw card might get you around $200. To be honest it is probably the least popular Fan Club Get card from that era. Which is sad because I love Porygon! lol

yeah if i get a 9 ill just sell it for 300-350