PSA 10 Grand Party and PSA 9 FanClub Porygon


Just wanted to know how much a realistic price on a PSA 10 Grand Party Trainer as well as PSA 9 FanClub Porygon is.

Thanks in advance

Just sold a psa 8 porygon for $125 so your 9 is definitely worth more than that

You should be looking at a little bit over the $100 mark for the PSA 10 Grand Party, you can get them cheaper though when supply is high. I paid about $92 for mine at eBay auction in February.

Fan Club Porygon should be around the $200 mark, maybe lower if you’re lucky. I sold a PSA 7 for $140.00 not very long ago. Shpunto I don’t think you capitalized completely on your Porygon, you should have perhaps sold it for more but that is my opinion. A Porygon just sold for $157.00 ungraded on eBay, that is the only completed listing. Ed has his PSA 9 listed for $350 but it will (and has) sit there for ages, definitely not worth that.

Hope that helps!

Alright thanks a lot guys. Yes it helps :blush:

Not to be offensive buddy, but I think you sold that way too cheap!!

I Don’t think it was too cheap. Bought a mint ungraded at $100 and turned out to be a PSA 10. A PSA 8 shows noticeable damage which people will rather take a chance on mint ungraded one.

Yeah I could have gotten more, my goal is to make my money back when selling my collection, so I at least did that with the Porygon, I think I got the PSA 8 one for around $55 a long time ago.