Non-graded Fan Club Porygon value?


So, I’m searching for a non-graded Fan Club Porygon right now, and I really don’t need the card to be NM. A Played one would be fine. That is, if I can find one, but that is another story for another thread.

I’ve checked the Ebay sold listings, only recent one is a Buy-it-now 405€ Near Mint with the markers card, not sure if it was actually sold ?
There is a NM one right now located in the Netherlands at 475€ as Buy-it-now. The owner previously listed it at 600€.

I’ve searched the forums, the only recent result is for kangaskhan trophy card + Fan Club Porygon and Eevee, so unfortunately that doesn’t help me much ^^
And the other result (Oct 28, 2015, that’s a bit old) says $300 for PSA-9 Porygon, but a two years-old thread is likely not a good indication.

What I’d like is an approximate price range I can put on each condition, so I don’t overpay, nor rip off the seller :wink:

Thanks for any help on that subject !

I paid around $120 for my near mint copy around this time last year if that helps at all. Probably not but it’s a bit more recent than two years :wink:

That helps. I just hope there’s no absurd price spikes going on in that case :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll wait for more answers of course.

A mint copy I could see easily selling for $400-$500

So a near mint maybe around $300 or so. Anything in less condition, and you get the idea.

So I guess there has been a spike this year. Oh well, thank you :blush:

I’m still willing to hear more opinions ^^