WTB Non-graded Fan Club Porygon, any condition (not Poor)


So I’m looking for a non-graded Fan Club Porygon. It will see play, so condition is (nearly) a non-issue. If you happen to have a Played one, I will more than gladly take it :blush:

After asking in the price check section, I am offering:

$300 for NM (that’s not what I’m after of course, it would be a real shame to waste a NM by playing with it :confused: )
$250-270 for Exc
$210-230 for Good
$190 for Light Played
Around $150 for Played (will be dependent on the actual card condition there, maybe less, maybe more)

These are only guidelines, I am open to negotiating depending on the card condition (please do a 1200 dpi scan or good close-up pics if you can, I’d very much appreciate it).

I live in France, if you’re in the Euro zone simply convert the $ to €.

And if you’re into MtG, I have some cards that may be of relevance to you for trade (LP / Pl Revised duals other than USea, some Exc to LP AN / AQ U2s and U3s, a lot of Urza RLs, as long as the offer is reasonable obviously :wink: )

We’re a few players wanting to organise a Base-Neo tourney once per year (with the Vending Sheets and the Japanese promos), mostly between friends, we’d allow proxies for cards like this one, so I’m not in a hurry to get it. But I’d very much like to have a real one, even if it’s once per year :slight_smile:

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No longer searching for Porygon. Another one is also being shipped!


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Fan Porygon is very playable. I remember jason klaczynski told me about it’s playability, I had no idea. Hopefully the old formats catch on!


There are active scenes in Japan and South America (they even had a 80-player old school National in Mexico last year), I’d love to see a tournament scene appear in Europe and America, this is a fun format after a few minor fixes (like using the Japanese text for Neo Slowking) :blush:

If you should happen to stumble past one, again, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a pm :wink: