WTB: PSA 9 Fan Club Eevee & Porygon


After having found my Fan Club Magikarp through E4, I have been thinking about what my next collection goals are, and I landed on wanting to add the Fan Club Eevee & Porygon to my collection in a PSA 9 as well. I figured I would again open up a post here after having been previously successful in receiving help finding cards. Looking to pay around these prices:

  • PSA 9 Fan Club Eevee - $3500 $3800
  • PSA 9 Fan Club Porygon - $2000

Please let me know if you have the card(s) available for sale, or if you know someone who does.



@voltagic Here is a Porygon on ebay for around that price: www.ebay.com/itm/403193874653

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I have both on pwcc vault and on the porygon Im asking 2250. I have an eevee but it’s over your asking by more than a little at 4250.

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There’s a guy on Instagram (tcg.collector or someone similar) who has both of these – I think he’s asking 6k and 11k, respectively though, lol.

@voltagic I’ve one on PWCC vault, PM’ed you

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That page has changed owners so many times that I would not touch him


Shout out to @ptccards for selling me a beautiful copy! One down, one to go.

And thank you to everyone else who reached out. I appreciate all of you offering me copies and tips on where to look for ones. I’ve had multiple Porygon offered to me, but fewer Eevee, and those that have been offered to me have been rather far above my current offer. So I’ve decided to up the offer by $300, putting my current offer at $3800. If anyone knows someone willing to accept an offer in that range, please do reach out!


Congrats, and excellent pic - the Red/Blue slot machines are such a great touch on that card

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