Eevee Get

Estimation on the Eevee GET card? (500EXP) - can get it for $300 but still a bit higher than I’d like?


Fanclub? $300 is high in this market (loads have sold recently).

$250? I think that’s reasonable. Someone is trying to get it for $200. Also reasonable, but you’re going to have to find it at that price I think.

smpratte sold one for $200 I think recently…

Yes I was about to sell it at $200, 300 is maxed out, no one here is buying it above that sorry it is already at a solid price. You should take $300 that is a good sale.

You’ve misunderstood I think - he wants to buy, not sell :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm yes buy :blush: But thanks for your replies. I can’t get it for lower than $300 so I’ll have to wait I guess!

Could it be you undersold Scott? I think you’re expensive :stuck_out_tongue: (of course, that’s because I’m buying something from you).

Do I get a discount too? :sunglasses: :wink: ;D

haha oh well still $200 is not a bad price, $300 is high, but 200 is fair. If you want to spend $300 just make an offer on the ones on ebay and see if they will accept (they should).

And dogma I never sold that card. I sent it back with the order i made where the guy mislead the auction. But I shoot for realistic prices :blush:

@smpratte: Of course! Did you get your money back in the end?

Scott- why is that card soo expensive? I am two cards away from finishing my eevees and it is that one and the pokemon scramble card. I just want to know the insanity behind the price of the card.

I’d pay the 200-300…but it’d have to be in payments which I find only a few buyers will work that :<

It is how it was distributed that makes it so expensive. It is a prize card that was given out to members of the pokemon fan club and you had to earn 500 points and send them in to receive the card. It was only available in 2000. It just took time to earn points and the quantities are limited along with the illustration being unique making it difficult to obtain.

Ah, it all makes sense now- but it doesn’t ease the burn that eevee is going to leave when I finally obtain it :zipper_mouth_face:

The Fanclub Eevee is just an amazing card

The history (of needing the points) has started a long tradition of other exclusive promos that similarly require points. The barriers are set high. They are meant for people like us; serious collectors.

The other thing to note - Fanclub Eevee’s holo might be amongst the most beautiful cards out there. It’s stunning in real life

Yes, thank you! At least someone else see’s that. I always thought that one and the porygon were two of the best holos out there. It is just a perfect card for serious collectors.

I’ll let you in a secret; I actually prefer the Porygon.

But both cards are amazing :blush:

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lol i have yet to even own any of those 2 cards but i do hope to do so in the future just looking at pictures of the cards is just amazing itself.200 seems to be a nice price for that card considering alot of other random cards go for the same price as well like a charizard ex

Speaking of Eevee GET (Which I STILL can’t find affordable) when is Pokemon Scramble (17) Eevee going to be AVAILABLE (lawl) I can’t seem to go anywhere and find it for sale. Maybe you know?