PSA 10 Fan Club Eevee Promo Crazy Price!?

On Thursday I was scrolling eBay and I decided just to check out the eevee pokemon fan club card. I don’t know if I will ever own the card, but was considering it if a good price was available. This listing came up:

PSA 10 Fan Club Eevee holo for $550 dollars!? All the past sales I could were for over 900 dollars in the past 4 months (4 total). I messaged the buyer to check if anything was wrong and he sent another picture and said the case and card were perfect.

I went to impulse buy aaaaaaaand GONE. Someone bought it within the first 10 minutes of it being listed.

I’m salty, but just wanted to verify if that was really a crazy good price or what because I feel like it was and so did the person that bought it!

It was mentioned in a thread a few days ago, please stop reminding me of this it’s giving me heart burn.

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Stay on the hunt and never give up the dream chase lol

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Crazy good price indeed.

I actually know the seller personally. I’m assuming he let the card go so cheap due to his on and off hiatus with collecting he’s been doing. He probably wasn’t fully aware of the price rise for the Fan Club cards lately since he took a break from collecting, and listed it around a price he remembered from around a year ago.

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I’m still salty about his last big round of auctions. Missed out on some real treasures. He’s got some good auctions up atm too.

Don’t be too upset. Prices on those cards have been pretty stagnant for awhile. It’s not surprising some sellers haven’t moved with the recent price increase. It could happen again so just keep your eyes peeled!

“He who hesitates is lost…Swift and resolute action leads to success” or something like that;)

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Is 550$ bad? for a PSA 10 rare card like that I find it kinda fair tbh

For the current market it is a very low price. That is mainly what people are reacting to in the thread. Even for myself, I would have purchased that in a heartbeat.


That price for PSA 10 is solid

I needed 60 more seconds, so the salt train is real for me and I don’t often go for high priced cards. I would love a fan club promo, but at that price I could have flipped it and then bought another ungraded for free. I know the investment of such a card is ideal, but I can’t afford to buy something so expensive, so it would have made a nice flip. If I had more money to throw around I would have bought it quicker…

You may or may not see this copy get flipped. For eevee(lution) collectors this card is a must have. The first and arguably nicest looking holographic Eevee with a unique unshared artwork and is also a Japanese oldback. It has everything you could ask for in a card.

Don’t expect the copies that are sold to resurface anytime soon if at all. I am extremely grateful to own this card and won’t ever let it go, and I’m sure other Eevee collectors feel the same way. The limited printing is sort of a shame since not everyone who wants the card may be able to ever own it; some might see that as a good thing for the value of the card but I see it as a bit of a tragic story.


Oh im sorry, I think I somehow lost the key of the thread, I was thinking you guys meant that 550$ was way too high. Something I could not understand since it seemed like a good price. Brainlag. My bad

Totally understand. I was actually suggesting to flip it because I don’t need a 10, but would love to simply flip and rebuy an ungraded one. I could practically get it for free then and someone else can have the big 10 spot. That was my thought process as I was about to buy it. I love the art

the things you find when googling cards you want.
@eeveeteam @ragingkraken this makes me so sad


Only a small price to pay today. 13k more but a 20 k discount in 30 years :wink:

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