Poorly packaged eBay single

If someone just throws a card in an envelope with no top loader or cardboard to hold its shape and it goes from mint condition to poor condition due to a massive bend/crease. Can I get a refund from eBay?

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I once received a “mint” rainbow rare tapu Lele (back when they were $100) in just a jiffy bag.

No sleeve, no toploader, no cardboard nothing.

Safe to say the card was no longer mint when it arrived. I just sent it back via eBay.

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Yes. Just open an “Item not as described” case. I think it’s best to not add anything to it, except maybe that the card was damaged during shipment because of lack of protection, but maybe even that isn’t necessary. With eBay the more to-the-point you are, the easier it is for them. You’ll probably have to ship the card back to the seller (with tracking) after you’ve opened such a case, and then you can get a refund when it’s back at his/her place.

Some general information of steps to take can be found here: www.elitefourum.com/t/common-scams-on-ebay-and-how-to-fight-back/27939/1
I don’t see a section “item was damaged during the shipment due to lack of protection” (might be a good section to add), but in general that thread is pretty useful on what to do.

@hypernova , since you’ve created that thread and seem to have a lot of experience with this, maybe you can add your opinion or best course of action for Lucy? (And maybe you can add this scenario to your thread as well?)


Yes, it should not be a problem. I *think* the seller is technically required to send you a return label, but I don’t know if anyone actually bothers with this.

Depending on the cost- and how bad the item is damaged- I try to contact the seller first, especially if it’s a card I still want. I have been on eBay since 1996 and have a spotless record. I have had buyers contact me with issues and always try to work out problems before going to eBay. On smaller cards- I will offer half of the money back or other options.

In the end- if you open a return- you will win- 100% but I like to remind people that often you can work out another ( sometimes better resolution with the seller as well).

Thanks and good luck!!

You’re spot on about starting a return request and using the item not as described / differs from listing option.

Sadly this is pretty common, and I wouldn’t surprised if a large percentage of users have experienced it at some point or another.

If you feel like the card is no longer in the condition that is described in the listing, and it appears that poor packaging is the reason that’s the case, you should absolutely start a return request and get your money back.

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Just send the seller pictures and ask how they wish to handle it.

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This is a bigger problem now that toploaders are in short supply. I just got an $80 card after a 30 day trip from Mexico between bricks of energy because they dont have any toploaders…

This is the best first step. Some sellers won’t put up a fight and will just give you a full or partial refund without needing the card returned. If you aren’t satisfied with a resolution they offer, you always have a return option because ebay will always side with you if you got a damaged card.

Thanks cool kids x