Pokemon Z Confirmed & New Zygarde Formes


Zygarde’s Perfect Forme has been revealed alongside Zygarde Cell (flattened green blob below the original green blob), Zygarde Core (green blob itself), Zygarde 10% (weird-dog thing, combination of Zygarde Core & Cell). Zygarde’s original forme is now called Zygarde 50%.

Zygarde Perfect Forme remains Ground/Dragon and is now known as the System Pokemon. Original Zygarde was known as the Order Pokemon.

The next series of the anime will be called Pokemon XY & Z, nearly confirming Pokemon Z will be the next main-series Pokemon game.

Greninja also appears to have a new look. It is called Ash’s Greninja now (Satoshi Greninja in Japan) and resembles Ash slightly. This is NOT Mega Greninja as was previously speculated.

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Zygarde regular form > this new poop


Now knowing this information, it somewhat reminds me of Cell from DBZ. I appreciate the concept more now knowing that the massive guy in the right is Pokemon’s own “Perfect” Cell.

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If the Perfect Forme comes out looking like the anime poster, I will be psyched. If it comes out looking like the other scan, I will be pissed. That thing’s shit.

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True dat. Big picture on looks too blocky… The other one at least has some detail.

I, for one, welcome our Digimon-conversion.

Digimon was way ahead of it’s time. I now see and understand where Pokemon was headed to. Now that the new Virtual Game is coming out, we can finally get the Digi-Pokemon we’ve always wanted.

It’s only a matter of time before Zygarde transforms into this, I’m sure.


Im not sold on the Greninja Mega honestly. Also, I really hope it doesn’t happen, I need Gen 2 Megas first.

The Zygarde forms are good. The only one I can’t get behind right now is the “Perfect” Zygarde, looks like a damn mech from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

wait. is that an actual digimon?? dammit… now i gotta collect digimon cards… lol

The Greninja isn’t confirmed a Mega though. It’s just an ‘Ash’s Greninja’

Sorry guys but… That looks Horrible, OMG I had high hopes for the new forms of Zygarde but my god lol he looks like Megatron from Transformers. This makes me sad lol.

Only one thing can make up for this…




I hate the fact they have renamed the formes with percentages on the end it looks so stupid…


In all honesty, I had a bad feeling about where Pokemon was going ever since they made Kyurem (and prior to that, Arceus the GOD pokemon). I dislike the ideas of Mega’s, I still do. And I feel each new things has some big reveal that ends up being ridiculous.

Mind you, I’m complaining and still wanting to support this change because I’ll end up collecting the Mega Gyarados card (which I hate Mega Gyarados, but it’s still Gyarados).

I’d like to hear a different opinion though that’s opposite to mine on why this is good. It’s hard for me to see how this kind of change has any redeemable aesthetically or logically good reasons.

Yup, that’s Chimairamon. In case you’re not joking about the Digimon cards, I still have a bulk load of them. I’ve sold the majority of the valuable ones and Holographics and kept everything else.


I was being serious, but I’m going to look into the more expensive stuff. Go big or go home! haha thanks for the offer though :blush:

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I only like the french flag on the Zygarde’s perfect forme (apparent on the poster) :grin:


@azulryu I think Mega Gyarados looks DOPE!!! But than again I’m a big fan of the Mega evolution mechanic!

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You guys are way too negative.



I keep looking at the scan and cant help but laugh lol, Zygarde’s strongest form just looks so strange, just so irregular.

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The proper word you’re looking for is BADASS. Zygarde aka the BAMF of pokemon. Captain Planet of the pokemon universe.


I like you

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Only flaw in this new ‘final form’ is that it doesn’t have a huge mullet.