I am surprisingly ok with this design.



Hell NO, what happened to the awesomeness of the primals! Why isn’t there a rayquaza primal? Or will they make that too? -movie?

Supposedly be an explanation as to why Rayquaza has no primal form. And the way it Mega Evolves is supposedly different to how other Pokemon do.

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Makes sense because compared to the other two Legendary Pokes, he kind of is the mastermind or “Peacekeeper” of the two.

I really like this Mega. Rayquaza is my second favorite Legendary Pokemon next to Mewtwo.

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Oh yesssss! It’s mega awesome!!! I love it!

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a few people gonna be happy bout this on this forum :grin:

I may just have to add on to my side Rayquaza collection if they come out with an awesome Mega card for him. >_>

Question. How can I find out which artists designed which Pokemon? I’m curious to see if there’s any correlation with my favorites and artist renditions.

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That’s actually quite epic. Thanks for the link!

Looks pretty cool *_*

But…not much of a fan of those yellow-ish thingies ._.
Other than that, awesome. I can imagine a shiny Rayquaza looking epic

I like the design. I just wish they went with either the yellow stripes or the jaw thing. Personally I’d rather have the the streamers lol.

I do think they might have overdone it with the design, but I still enjoy it nevertheless. I feel like his head may be based off of some of those speed trains you see in Japan. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is funny you should mention the しかんせん (Shikansen Bullet Trains)
I saw this on my twitterfeed this morning. It gave me a chuckle.


Ha! This is perfect. :grin:

Actually the shape of its head is triangle now. Which is what Delta is.

Remember how they trademarked Delta Emerald a while back?

If you look at Primal Groudon/Kyogre they have Omega and Alpha symbols on them as well. So the big triangle attached to Rays face may look silly to some but it makes sense.

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