Pokemon World Championships - Honolulu Aug 16 to 18, 2024 - Spectator Pass Registration

Thanks for that advice! Just got in for 3 people on Friday!

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Glad to hear. I hope they stagger the merch so not everything sells out on Wednesday lol.

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I sure hope they have enough merch for the full 5 days. My wife got lucky and snagged a evening spot on Wed. I wonder how many people are allotted for each time slot

Hi folks - in light of the release of Hawaii Pokemon Center timeslots today, I’ve created a timeslot sharing sheet here: E4 Hawaii Pokemon Center Timeslot Sharing - Google Sheets

This will work the same as the spectator pass sharing sheet in that everyone will be responsible for sharing amongst yourselves and coordinating it. There appears to be plenty of timeslots judging by the length of availability. But for anyone who missed the window you can try to go in with others with free slots. Good luck!


Im selling multi-day pass, do u need it ?

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Edit: Had 2 offers so passes are gone now.

Hi I’m new here, I’m a competitor selling 2 spectator passes (multi day) for $50 each. I’m mostly active on discord at simipourvgc but will try and check here as well.


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Wait, you arent the swolepoke welcome committee!


Hey guys, new here.

I am a competitor for Worlds this year, competing in Pokemon Unite. My team has 4 spare spectator passes (multi-day) which I’m looking to sell for $150 (negotiable)
You can contact me on discord at ombeagle, or here (discord preferred).
Please dm me for further details!

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guys will there be some kind of gathering for efour members at worlds?Something like a special hukulele concert with @smpratte ?

There will be an E4 meetup! :pikasmile:

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Oh I missed that.Well,I hope I will lose swiftly so I can come

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Party doesn’t start until after gaming is done for the day. And even then, you’ve got a 4-Hour block to walk in so no rush to get there.