Pokemon WB Creator Pack

i won this auction this morning


now i have 2 questions

i know i got a great deal on it but what is a reasonable price to ask for it?

and do all 5 cards come in the pack or is it a random kind of thing?

for me i might be thinking around the $80 - $95 range i have seen them go for

Piakchu - $20 - $30
Treecko - $10 - $20
Mudkip - $10 - $20
Torchik - $10 - $20
Worm Pkemon (forgot his name) - :thinking: havent seen any on ebay

please let me know what you guys think

You got a phenomenal deal! If I were you, however, I would not open the pack and instead keep it to resell for profit or just to have.

They sell best as a BIN as long as you ship internationally. I’ve seen them sell as high as $266.00 but a more accurate estimate is $145.00-175.00

I was thinking about buying a sealed pack for $75 dollars. Is that a good deal?

That is a good deal in my opinion. Many have gone over the $150-$200 mark in the past year. I bought mine at that price and would buy another for sure.

Thanks for the reply! I think I’m going to go for it before someone else snatches it up. :blush:

I found one of these going for $70 BIN on eBay just now and ended up buying it because of its rarity. I was pretty hesitant because the price per card is around the maximum that I’m willing to spend for a single card ($15ish is about where I call it quits, generally), but reading this thread… it definitely looks like I made the right choice! :blush:

That’s exactly what I did! :blush: You made a good purchase.

Keep them sealed! They’re worth way more that way.

Yeah, I kept my pack sealed, but I still really want to get my hands on the singles so I can view them in my binder. :blush:

If you wait for the right opportunities you can get the whole set relatively cheap.


I saw that and was thinking about giving it a go, but I’ve never used Yahoo Japan before.

you need to use a middle man service for that really it could be abit cheaper depending how much it ends for but also you need to look at the shippin and fees included to decide